Mrs. Jones turns 103

Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Dorothy Timms, Chad Timms, Gary Timms, and Ashton Timms, surround Mrs. Floy Jones at her 103 birthday party.

Floy Jones of Lake City celebrated her 103 birthday on Saturday at the home of her daughter Dorothy Timms. It was standing room only for the well-wishers who gathered to share cake and memories with Mrs. Jones.

Timms provided a large red and white cake for her mother, as she does every year, and added a big scoop of ice cream for Mrs. Jones

"Blue is her favorite color, and it just seems fitting to have her cake in red, white and blue since she celebrates right after the 4th of July," Timms said. "Her actual birthday was July 13th, but we held off celebrating so her grandson Gary (Timms) and great grandson Chad (Timms) could be off from work. They both work for Medic One.

"Momma thinks Chad is extra special. She used to call him Dr. Chad when he would come pick her up to take her to the hospital. Whenever she gets sick, she wants us to call Chad. He is very gentle with her and always apologizes for having to give her a shot, as he tries so hard not to cause her any pain."

"Gary and his wife Norma live next to us, and they drop in all the time," Timms said. "They had their 20 month granddaughter here at the party and she didn't know what to think of all the people in the kitchen, around the big birthday cake."

With his grandmother on his right and his granddaughter Ashton on his lap, Gary dipped his finger in the red icing and gave them both a taste. The sweet icing brought smiles from them both and they were ready for more.

Dorothy, Gary, Chad and Ashton sat close to Mrs. Jones for a five-generation photo, one they try to take each year at the birthday party. Ashton's mother Paula and grandmother Norma stand offside and try to get shy little Ashton's attention in an effort to make her smile.

Beloved children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren filled Mrs. Timms tiny kitchen to capacity. They delivered colorful gifts, of all varieties, and added special hugs and kisses with each one.

Mrs. Jones was slow to rise Saturday, but once awake she was ready for the festivities to begin.

Her friend Barbara was one of the first people to greet her.

"Barbara is very dear to Mom, and she comes here every day to take care of her," Timms said. "She always goes the extra mile as far as her care is concerned, and does many things that the Arkansas Area on Aging does not require her to do. She is much more that a caregiver, she is a very dear friend to us all. Momma always looks forward to her coming."

"I sure wish I could get out of this bed and frolic around," Mrs. Jones said. "I can't do that, but I am still here, and that is really something for someone as old as I am."

Mrs. Jones' private bedroom contains countless photos of all her descendants. She has a two large table displays full.

Friends and family came from throughout the area. Among those were Rev. Boyd and Mrs. Nancy Hosman, from the First Pentecostal Church, in Tyronza. Also dropping by were a dear church friend Mary Adams and her daughter Janet Kain, of Harrisburg.

"Boyd Hosman is my favorite pastor," Mrs. Jones said. "When I get around to dying I want him to do my funeral.

"Momma asked me if her Mom and Dad and brothers were coming to her party," Dorothy Timms said. "I told her, not this year. It always seems she asks about them on her birthday, as everyone else she loves so much is here and she thinks they should be also."

Timms passed Mrs. Jones small suckers to hand to the grandchildren.

"The highlight of Momma's party is always seeing the children," Timms said. "She just loves to look at them and pat them. They closer they get the more she likes it. She likes to give them something so they will come close enough for her to get a good look at them. She just can't take her eyes off them, and we have a hard time getting her to look at the camera for pictures.

"We are so blessed to still have Momma with us," Timms said. "There are not many people her age left in this world, which makes her even more special."

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