BIC contracts renewed

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Buffalo Island Central school board agreed to extend contracts of three teachers, hired two employees, accepted four resignations and approved transfers of two new students at their Monday evening, June 20, meeting.

Superintendent George Edd Holland recommended that the board go into executive session to discuss extending contracts of Athletic Director Bill Taylor, Sr., High School Counselor Doris Willyerd, and Home Economics Adviser Alesha Rolland for the 2006-2007 school year.

Taylor was given an extended contract from 205 to 240 days with a salary increase from $47,412 to $54,440. Stipulations of his contract include: 1. The gym is to remain open and supervised during the summer months; 2. The athletic director will help with supervision of girls athletic events and ball games; 3. The athletic director will be responsible for all elementary coaches, officials and the scheduling of all games and practices; 4. The athletic director will oversee concession stand employees for both the varsity and elementary basketball teams; 5. Instruct drivers education classes in the summer and perform other duties as assigned by the administration.

Willyerd will have an extended contract from 205 to 215 days, at a salary increase from $46,336 to $48,535. No formal extended contract request has been made, but should Debbie Olive, Jr. High School Counselor, wish to accept the same extension from 205 to 215 days, she will be given an increase in salary from $46,461. to $48,285.

No action was taken on Rolland's request.

Two new employees, Suzanne Wallace, Jr. High English, and Amber Crabtree, Elementary Arts, were hired.

Personnel hired to staff the CREP program are Lynn Smith, Linda Smith, Steve Brummet and Coty Cornish.

Resignations were accepted from Susan Welch, West Elementary; Nathan Bratten, K-12 Instrumental Music; Verna Shrable, East Elementary Librarian; and Holly Kaufman, Jr. High Resource.

Student transfers were accepted from two Riverside students to come to BIC. Students are Tiffany Hurst, 17, and Vickie Boatman 17.

BIC will continue to accept Freedom of Choice transfer request for the coming year until July 1, 2006.

Kima Stewart addressed the board concerning Pre-K prospects for the 2006-2007 school year. The BIC district has received tentative approval and has the following options to consider: 1. Delay one year and request funding for the 2006-07 for planning time and securing facilities; 2. Delay Pre-K services until mandated by law; 3. Try to secure off-campus facilities and staffing; 4. Make initial grant application for the 2007-08 school year. After discussion, it was the consensus of the board to pursue the grant and to set up the Pre-K for the 2006-07 school year off campus if funding is secured and facilities can be arranged and to move on campus at the earliest possible date.

Holland gave the board a guided tour of construction site for new BIC Administration building, behind the current facility.

In other business:

*Approved the Sports Medicine Trainer contract with Johnny Grooms/Arkansas Methodist Medical Center, in Paragould.

*Discussion of prospects for the construction of the girls' softball field. City alderman Tom Carroll is working with the school, on behalf of the city, on location of an access road for entrance to the new ball field complex and water facilities. Discussion involved possible relocation of the current city road to a southward location, near the property line. No decisions were made.

*Holland updated the board on FOI regulations regarding talking about upcoming board business.

"Raye Finley called this to my attention, that it is against FOI for two or more board members to discuss upcoming board business outside of the open board meetings," Holland said. "I talked to Paul Bloom in the state office, and he stated that this was correct. I had not heard of this before. We always want to comply with FOI regulations."

Finley was present for the meeting but was not on the agenda.

*Renewal of schools Student Accident Insurance policy with Dwight Jones Agency.

The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be at 7 p.m. July 10, at BIC Jr. High School Library.

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