Veterans remembered

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

The Monette American Legion hosted a Memorial Day tribute to veterans, on Sunday, May 27, at the Monette Cemetery.

Post Commander Larry Drummond welcomed the veterans and their families. He placed an American flag in the soil, signifying the beginning of the special tribute. The Color Guard presented the flags. Flag bearers were Robin Ashley, carrying the U.S. flag, and Robert Chambers, carrying the American Legion flag. Riflemen were Larry Rolland and Bob Blankenship.

Jerry Reed led the group in singing "When We All Get to Heaven" and "Amazing Grace."

The Honor Guard fired three volleys to honor the veterans, alive and deceased. Taps was played following the salute.

Arthur Phelps spoke to those gathered about "The Highest Call."

"We have fought and will have to fight again," Phelps said. "Servicemen will be called on to stand up for our country, and to stand up for our Lord."

Phelps read some statistics about the service men and women who answered the call to serve and those killed in battle.

"In World War I, 4,734,991 were involved and 116,516 died, all for our freedom," Phelps said. "In W.W. II 16,112,566 served and 405,399 died. In the Korean war 5,720,000 served and 36,568 died. In Viet Nam 8,744,000 served and 36,568 died. In the Persian Gulf 235 died. In the war on terrorism 64 died. In operation Iraq 2,400 have already died. They did this all in the name of freedom.

"We have come to honor these brave man and women and for the price they paid, or were willing to pay, for our freedom."

Marsha Chambers gave a Monette Cemetery report. Chambers, Janet Rolland and Shirley Bronaugh serve on the Monette Cemetery committee.

"We depend upon donations and sales of burial plots to maintain the cemetery," Rolland said. "People have been very generous in the past so we can keep the cemetery in good shape. It costs us about $15,000 a year to keep up the cemetery.

"We are currently accepting donations to plant trees at the cemetery," she said. "They can be left in memory of a loved one or in honor of someone. We hope to plant them along the east and south borders and in spaces that have been reserved for trees. Anyone wishing to make a contribution to the cemetery or give on the trees can contact me or any member of the committee."

A special offering was taken for the cemetery at the close of the meeting and over $200 was donated to the cemetery fund.

American flags were placed on veterans' graves at the Monette and Macey Cemeteries on Sunday morning, May 27, by legion members. Flags were placed along Monette main street on Saturday, May 26.

Veterans taking part in the program included: Larry Drummond, Robin Ashley, Larry Rolland, Bob Blankenship, Robert Chambers, Claude Earl Barnette, Jerry Reed, and Arthur Phelps. Several veterans were in attendance, along with people from the Monette community.

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