Manila police department purchases hand guns

Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Manila Chief of Police Jackie Hill (left) and Captain Larry Williams look at the new Beretta PZ4 Storms purchased for the Manila Police Department. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

The Manila Police Department purchased six PZ4 40 caliber Beretta Storms. The hand guns were purchased through a portion of Manila's percentage of seized drug money returned to the departments.

The drug bust in August 2005 resulted in over 121 pounds of marijuana and firearms taken off the street. In addition to the drugs and firearms, $36,820 in cash was confiscated.

The drug money confiscated is returned to the law enforcement agencies and can be used to purchase items or upgrade equipment for the departments. The cash was shared among the departments who assisted in the drug bust including Manila Police Department, Mississippi County Sheriff's Department, Second Judicial Drug Task Force, and Leachville Police Department with a percentage going to the crime lab fund.

Manila's percentage of the cash seized in the August incident was over $11,000.

The six new hand guns cost $400 each.

"We shopped around and got a good price purchasing directly from the company," Manila Chief of Police Jackie Hill said. "The guns will be department issued. They will offer a safety net for our officers. Up to now, officers had to provide their own weapons."

These guns, if maintained properly, will last for several years. Officers will have to qualify on the firing range before the guns are issued.

Police officers must qualify twice a year to maintain their certification.

The hand guns came with three clips each, extra grips, cleaning kit, gun locks and a storage case.

The Manila Police Department has five full time officers.

Chief Hill expressed his appreciation to Manila Mayor Clifford Veach and members of the city council for their support of Manila Police Department.

Hill also commended his officers, the 2nd Judicial Drug Task Force officers, Mississippi County Sheriff's Department and the Leachville Police Department.

"The Sheriff (Sheriff Leroy Meadows) and his department are always willing to help us. We all work together to try to keep drugs off our streets and out of the county," Hill said.

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