BIC ballpark location ongoing

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Buffalo Island Central School Board met on May 15 in Superintendent George Edd Holland's office on the west campus and discussed plans to build a ball park, relocate a service road, and salary increases for the 2006-2007 school year.

Monette City Alderman Tom Carroll addressed the board concerning the possibility of the city and school working together on the construction of a new girls' softball field and plans to turn the boys' baseball field around to make it part of the new park complex.

The board declined to participate and turned the discussion to references about past city-school agreements that they felt had not been honored. During a lengthy discussion, both parties defended their actions in the past and gave reasons for each decision.

The board has requested the city relocate the service road northward giving the school ample room to build a new girls' softball field on the southeast corner of the west campus, as discussed in the April meeting. The service road is owned by the city and leads to the water plant and water tower and new ball fields.

Carroll agreed to meet with Superintendent Holland and bring the matter of moving the road back to the city council during their meeting on May 22. City alderman Byron Sparkman was also present and took part in the discussion.

Salary increases for classified staff, certified staff and administrators included: 1. Impac lab managers, special needs assistants, Title 1 aides, and migrant personnel of 180 day contact period increased $500; 2. bus route drivers on 178 day contact, $275; 3. Val Smithee, 180 day contract, set salary same as Title 1 aides; 4. custodial, maintenance and bus mechanic on 240 day contract $1,000; 5. school nurse on 180 day contract, $1,137; 6. technology coordinator on 240 day contract, $1,263; 7. principals' secretaries on 195 day contract, $1,200; 8. superintendent's secretaries and bookkeeper on 240 day contract, $1,500; 9. remediation lab supervisor on 180 day contract, $1,001; 10. certified staff on 190 day contract, $1,000; 11. certified staff on 195 day contract, $1,026; 12. certified staff on 205 day contract, $1,079; 13. certified staff on 240 day contract, $1,263; 14. lunchroom employees on 180 day contract, $.35 per hour; 15. building principals, $5,000 each; and 16. superintendent salary, $7,000.

Board member Bill Misner inquired about extending Coach Bill Taylor's contract. The decision by the board was to address that issue during the June 12 regular board meeting.

Other business included:

*Resignations were accepted from Shelly Hurst, junior high English; Kima Stewart, for duties as federal coordinator only; Neva Bates, East Elementary cafeteria; and Patsy Dunlap, resource instructor, East Elementary.

*The board adopted the district wellness policy as presented.

*Lunch prices for the 2006-07 school year were increased to meet rising cost of production. The new school breakfast cost was set at $.30, reduced lunch at $.40; regular breakfast $.75; regular lunch $1.50; and adult lunch $2.00.

*School transfers approved included: Chris Oliver, 16, to Manila; Matthew Taylor, 14, from Greene County Tech; Randel Cade Couch, 16, from Riverside; and Zachary Chase, 11, from Riverside.

*Holland read a letter from Paul Lazenby, associate director of Program Development and Public Pre-K Education Arkansas Division of Child Care, concerning lack of funding for new programs. Funding from existing programs may be turned back by some schools choosing not to continue participation, and BIC will receive priority consideration of these funds.

*Personnel policy proposals were considered and acted on, which included: increase number of unused sick leave days buyback from 90 to 120; adopt student tardy policy for elementary as presented; adopt policy concerning use of computers and internet by school employees; and adopt policy concerning employee tardiness.

*No action was taken to adopt policy concerning extra pay for advanced degrees beyond MSE.

*The board commended Debbie Olive for receiving the "Golden Apple Award," and nurse Theresa Stout for being named as the "Arkansas LPN School Nurse of the Year."

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