Manila City Council approves RV park

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Topics of discussion at Manila City Council meeting April 17 included reviewing the budget, setting annual spring clean-up dates, weather radio sales, airport lighting grant, annexation update and approving a RV park in Manila.

All council members were present for the meeting.

Mayor Clifford Veach presented the year-to-date budget comparison.

"Everything is on track," Veach said. "A fourth of the year is gone and the budget looks good at this point. We just have to see how it plays out."

Mayor Veach reported over 450 weather radios have been sold. Manila city officials agreed early in the year to purchase weather radios and allow Manila citizens to purchase the radios at half price. The city allows Manila residents to buy the radios at $14.95 for the hand-held model and $16.01 for the dual purpose weather radio. The cost includes tax and batteries.

"I've got another hundred Midland radios ordered," Veach said. "We are down to about two boxes. We still have some of the hand-held radios. Sales have slowed down a little. It seems people are pleased with the radio project. I'm for continuing with the project at least through the year. I hate for people to miss the opportunity. When and if we consider eliminating the project, we need to let the people know so anyone who wants one will have the chance to purchase a weather radio."

Annual spring clean-up was set for the four Saturdays in May. Manila residents can use the transfer station at no cost on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Henry Ford, water superintendent, reminded everyone the city cannot accept batteries, tires, paint, or any type of chemicals.

Council members passed a Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan Resolution.

Mayor Veach said David Lendennie, Mississippi County coordinator of the Mississippi County Office of Emergency Management, is asking the city to pass the resolution to coordinate with everyone else in the county.

Gene Dobbins was present at the meeting with a proposed plan for a RV park at 917 West Lake Street.

Mayor Veach commented a RV park on Dobbins' property will be good for Manila.

Dobbins said he was starting with eight sites and had room for expansion if needed in the future.

"I know he will keep a clean operation," Veach said.

The council voted unanimously to approve the proposed RV park.

Mayor Veach informed the council more information had to be submitted on the grant application for a new fire station.

We are in the process of getting it all to them," he said. "We should know in a few months if we are approved."

Bids for the airport lighting grant were opened earlier in the week.

"We got four bids and three were close," Veach said. "The lowest bid was $210,000."

Veach said the airport would have to be closed three weeks for the runway and two weeks for the taxiway. He said it could be a conflict with the boll weevil eradication pilots using the airport.

Veach said he did not expect the project to go through as quickly as it did.

"We've told them (boll weevil eradication staff) they could use the airport again this year and I hope we don't put the people out," Councilman Larry "Whiz" Davis said. "It is also good revenue for the airport. It is not critical that the airport lighting project be done right now."

Mayor Veach said he and Davis are working on it and would keep the council informed.

"Paul Burns, project administrator with the FAA, is encouraging us to go forward with the project," Veach said.

City Attorney Wayne Wagner said the annexation plans have been submitted and a hearing has been set for May 10.

Ford told the council he received a call from the dealer about the new garbage truck who said it had been picked up from the factory on Monday and should be in Manila this week.

Councilman Linda Donovan said she had received calls about property on Baltimore Street where yard sale items are not being removed after the sales. She requested Manila Chief Jackie Hill talk to the owners.

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