Caraway Search and Rescue Team has new storage facility

Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Caraway Search and Rescue Team are enjoying their new building. (Town Crier photo/Nan Snider)

The Caraway Search and Rescue Team have been busy filling their new storage facility with much needed equipment and supplies.

"We are so pleased to have our new storage building," Director Jerry Stokes said. "we recently completed a 18 x 40 foot lean to addition on the south side of the 44 x 40 foot fire station. This will give us enough space to store the rescue boat, 16 foot utility trailer, the four-wheeler trailer, and our Search and Rescue vehicle. Now we can keep our emergency supplies here for quick access.

"We are very appreciative to the City of Caraway for appropriating the necessary funding to get this facility built," Stokes said. "Alderman Bo James represented us at the council meeting, asking the city to fund this structure. It took us about three weeks to build using Lamb Enterprises of Jonesboro."

We try to improve our search equipment every year, and are looking to add two more GPS units soon," He said. "When we are out in a wooded area it is vital that we be able to keep in touch and have our bearings. These units will help us concentrate on specific areas of the search."

Caraway Search and Rescue Team members include: Sue Knowlton; Tysha Starnes; Linda Austin; Meral Langston; Gwen Stokes; Jerry Stokes; Dearl Freeman; Irvin Smith; Kenneth Faulkner, Robby Smith; and Ricci Waugh. Members not present for the picture include Greg Adams and Tim Austin.

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