Manila PD receives portion of confiscated drug money

Wednesday, April 5, 2006
Manila Police Department received a portion of drug money confiscated in a recent drug bust. Pictured are Manila Mayor Clifford Veach (left) and Manila Chief of Police Jackie Hill. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

The Manila Police Department received a portion of the drug money confiscated in a Aug. 15, 2005 drug bust. Drugs and cash were seized during raids in Manila and Leachville residences following a routine traffic stop. Officers were conducting surveillance of a residence when they observed large bundles being loaded into a pick-up truck. Manila Police officer stopped the truck finding 45 pounds of marijuana. The traffic stop led to a search warrant executed on Benton Street in Manila where an additional 121 pounds of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and firearms were found. As the investigation proceeded, another house in Leachville was searched where officers discovered another 10 pounds of marijuana and $36,820 in cash.

Manila's percentage of the cash is $11,629.65. According to Manila Chief of Police Jackie Hill this was the largest drug bust Manila Police Department has executed.

Money resulting from drug arrests is divided among law enforcement departments involved. The breakdown in the Aug. 15 seizure includes the Second Judicial Drug Task Force receiving $7,919.77, Mississippi County Sheriff's Department receiving $11,629.65, and Leachville Police Department receiving $500 with 20 percent going to the crime lab fund.

Money put back into the law enforcement departments must be used in the police departments.

"We can use the money for any type of equipment, weapons, or even apply it to vehicles as long as it is used for law enforcement," Chief Hill said.

Hill said one of his goals would be to add departmental weapons but the needs will be discussed.

"I appreciate all of the officers, the Drug Task Force, Sheriff's Department, Leachville Police Department and especially my officers, who were involved," Hill said. "All I can say is it was a good team effort."

Mayor Clifford Veach commended the Manila Police Department for a good job.

"We were rewarded for our efforts," Mayor Veach said. "The drug bust originated with the Manila Police Department. I'm very proud of the Manila PD and for the work they have done in drug enforcement.

"I want to commend all of the departments for their joint efforts in this confiscation. Our police department, like all others, is exposed to a lot of criticism but it is times like this that make me proud of the department we have here. Chief Hill is to be congratulated for his direction of the department."

Chief Hill said he is pleased for the department in receiving the money and for the fact a large amount of drugs were kept off the streets and out of the hands of young people.

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