Student arrested in Manila School incident

Wednesday, February 1, 2006
Manila Police, Mississippi County Sheriff's Department, and the State Police, arrived before the students at Manila on Wednesday. Officers were investigating a threatening message found written on the bathroom wall on Tuesday afternoon. A suspect was taken into custody on Friday morning. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

A Manila High School student was taken into custody on Friday morning following a two day police investigation concerning a threatening message written on a bathroom wall.

According to Superintendent Pam Castor, a message, "tomorrow a school shooting," was found written on the high school bathroom wall late Tuesday afternoon.

"We immediately called the police department and it was handled as a threat," Castor said. "The safety of our students is priority. We can't take for granted this sort of thing is just a prank. The police investigation started immediately."

Castor praised the Manila Police Department, the Mississippi County Sheriff's Department, and the State Police for their help.

School was held on Wednesday with only half the student body in attendance. Local, county and state officers were present at school on Wednesday.

Safety precautions were taken as Manila was in a lock down mode on Wednesday morning.

Manila Chief Jackie Hill said metal detectors were used and the perimeter of the school campus was surrounded by officers.

Law officers were on campus throughout the week during the investigation.

The suspect was transported to the Mississippi County Juvenile Detention Facility on Friday morning and is scheduled for arraignment on Tuesday.

According to Castor the student is currently suspended from Manila High School.

"The police did an outstanding job," Castor said. "Police Chief Jackie HIll and the Manila Police Department, as well as Mississippi County Sheriff's Department and the Arkasnas State Police provided unprecedented assistance in bringing this incident to a close. Their help in maintaining the integrity of Manila School as a safe learning environment is greatly appreciated."

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