South Lake Street paving addressed

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Lake City city council met in short session Dec. 19, despite the many visitors who came to view proceedings. Kimberly Sonterre asked to be on the agenda to air concerns about the paving of South Lake Street and Riverpark Subdivision improvements.

Sonterre was the only visitor allowed to speak and was requested by Mayor Jerry Bowman not to address the paving of South Lake Street, as that issue was taken care of in the November meeting.

The 2006 proposed budget allows $15,000 for paving, with a $19,000 reserve.

"Are we going to be able to pay for the paving of the street, and ya'll pay us back?" Sonterre asked.

"That would be like a personal loan, and our auditor said absolutely not," Diane Crews, city recorder, said.

"We were able to do the slag that way," Sonterre said.

"We can borrow from lending agencies but not from individuals," Crews said. "The city will do as much paving next year as possible, maybe a third of the street, or even more than that."

Sonterre asked alderman Tommy Eakins, who works for Riverside Schools, about a school bus stop in the Riverpark Subdivision. Eakins assured her if the new bus turn-around had been completed, a bus would be able to make a stop there, but not at individual houses.

An emergency was declared and the council passed Ordinance 214-05 on three readings. The ordinance allows the city to charge a connecting fee for new water and sewer customers, in lieu of a meter deposit.

Connie Timms was hired as custodian of the new senior citizen center, at $25 per cleaning, twice a month.

The council voted to accept the resignation of fire chief Morgan Walling. Mayor Bowman appointed Norman Eidson as new chief effective immediately.

A special council meeting was set for Dec. 21 to amend the 2005 city budget, with the 2006 budget to be discussed at the Jan. 17 regular meeting.

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