Monette City Council OKs grant filing

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Monette City Council held a brief meeting Thursday afternoon, Dec. 15, followed by the annual employee potluck lunch.

Mayor David Fletcher presented the minutes and financial report from November and reviewed plans to beautify the downtown intersection.

A joint Beautification Committee and Park Committee meeting was held earlier this month to propose an application for a $30,000 matching grant (50/50) to develop the three pieces of property, adjacent to the new Highway 18/139 intersection.

The council passed Resolution 2005-5 supporting the grant application, which is due Dec.16. Development plans include two picnic tables, six benches, a cigarette disposal container, trash receptacles, sodding, landscaping, trees and shrubs.

"Can we still open up the possibility of people donating some of these items?" Alderman Steve Suber said. "Many people want to leave memorials, or recognize someone special in their lives, and might want to donate the cost of one of these items, like benches or tables."

The council agreed this would be a good opportunity to involve the community.

The 2006 city budget was briefly discussed and tabled until the January meeting.

Alderman Tom Carroll asked Mayor Fletcher if he had heard anything about the BIC school board wanting to build the new administration building in the city park (east of the current school).

"Yes, I have," Fletcher said. "We have taken good care of the park, as we agreed to do, and it is an asset to the school and the community."

Fletcher presented copies of an agreement between BIC and the City of Monette, signed by BIC school Superintendent Roland Wells, Aug. 10, 1989, and a copy of the original deed to the park property.

"There is nothing in this contract or deed that refers to the school being able to take back the property on an 'as needed' basis," Fletcher said. "The park is in excellent shape and well cared for. We have lived up to our part of the agreement. Many people use and enjoy the park."

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be at 7 p.m. Jan. 24 at city hall.

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