BIC Board tables administration building bids

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Buffalo Island Central School Board worked through a short agenda consisting of audit reports, bus driver pay increases, and discussion of the new administration building at the regular board meeting Monday, Dec. 12.

BIC Superintendent George Edd Holland reviewed the report from the 2003-2004 legislative audit.

"There were no significant findings to be concerned with," Holland said. "We have often received notice of insufficient segregation of duties, which is not uncommon with such a small staff having to do all the work."

The board voted to increase substitute bus driver pay as follows--route from $20 daily to $30, shuttle from $10 daily to $15, and to increase full time shuttle pay from $12.27 daily to $15, effective Jan. 1, 2006.

Bids received for the construction of a new administration office were received as follows: Christian Construction, of Trumann, $294,130; Poplins Construction, of Blytheville, $261,000; and Robinson Industrial Construction, of Paragould, $276,000. The board took bids under advisement, and voted to table action on the bids until the January meeting, so alternative construction materials and sites for the office could be considered.

Board member Allen Dewitt proposed the board consider construction of the new building, east of Steve Haigwood's home, on school property currently being used as a city park.

"We tore down the old Monette gymnasium so we could use that lot for parking," Dewitt said. "I don't think we should turn around now and build a building on it. I think George Edd should look into the possibility of us building down at the park, where the basketball court is now, or where the tennis courts are. We could take back what part we need."

"I think there is a clause in the original deed that says we can use the property on an 'as needed' basis," Holland said. "I will try to find the deed or the agreement to make sure."

The board voted to hold senior graduation and baccalaureate services in the MAC gymnasium, on the Monette campus, for available parking, interior space, comfort and air conditioning.

Board members adopted a resolution opposing the formation of countywide administrative units for school districts as proposed earlier by Senator Ruth Whitaker as Senate Bill 132.

"The bill would eliminate not only local administration of the district, but local control from the taxpayers in each district, as well," Holland said.

Ways to meet the board in-service training requirements were discussed, and options considered. No decision was made.

Holland and the board discussed legal number of board members per student enrollment. No immediate changes were planned.

The board went into executive session for 15 minutes to discuss discipline of an employee. After reconvening, no action was taken.

The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be at 7 p.m. Jan. 9 in the Superintendent's office on the Monette campus.

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