Monette residents address council on alley closing

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

The Monette City Council worked through a short agenda Monday, Nov. 28, involving proposed closing of alley, and discussions of 2006 budget.

Bill Fleetwood addressed the council requesting the closing of the alley north of his home, between Arkansas and Ball Streets.

"The alley is not being used as an alley," Fleetwood said. "Part of it is being used as a driveway already. If we close the 10 foot alley, the property can be divided between the adjacent homeowners."

"To close the alley we have to have all homeowners next to the alley agree it should be closed," Monette Mayor David Fletcher said. "You do not have everyone concerned in agreement."

"Betty (McCollum) has had to go and knock on the door to get them (Tommy Ray) to move a vehicle parked in the alley, so she can get through," said Fleetwood.

"The alley is not blocked all the time," said alderman Ernestine Harrell.

"Anytime the alley is blocked and you need to get through, I have told you to call the city police, and they would come down," Fletcher said. "This agreement was done as a result of previous conflict, and it still goes. You have to have total agreement to close the alley. Five families are involved."

The council voted to table the matter until it can be studied and utilities involved are examined.

"This is still a city and is accessible to everyone regardless of a concrete drive way or not," Fletcher said. "I have given instructions to the police to keep it (alley) open."

The council reviewed the proposed 2006 city budget, for revision and approval at the December council meeting.

The council discussed new intersection completion, and beautification of adjoining properties, which will include landscaping, addition of benches, gazebo, and parking.

Jon Goodnight, with M-Square Construction, of Brookline, Mo., presented the city with a check for $750 to be used for beautification of the intersection. The City Beautification Committee is currently making plans to apply for necessary funding, through a 50/50 matching grant from Arkansas Rural community Grant Program, for the addition of trash cans, fountains, benches, trees and plants for landscaping, picnic tables, and parking.

The Monette Youth Association monthly report listed the end of November balance as $3,866.38.

The next council meeting is scheduled for Dec. 15, beginning at 11 a.m., followed by a city employee potluck luncheon.

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