Teaching has its own rewards

Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Teaching has its own rewards Pictured are, from left: Wayne and Gwen Marshall of Manila and Sylvia and Robert Goodyear of Atlanta, Ga. (photo provided)

Wayne Marshall of Manila retired as Manila junior high principal in 1993. His career had spanned 35 years working in the classroom and serving as principal. He also was principal at Armorel for seven years. "As I think back, I've been fortunate," Marshall said. "I've had good students every where I've taught." He wanted to instill in his students they could do anything they wanted if they applied themselves. Marshall taught four years in Newport in the early 1960s before accepting a grant from the National Science Institute to do graduate work at the University of Arkansas. "In 1966 the grant paid more than my teacher's salary," Marshall said. Marshall has always had an interest in computers and has kept in touch with many of his former students through e-mail. Recently, he and his wife, Gwen, were very pleased to welcome one of his former students from the years he taught in Newport. Robert Goodyear and his wife, Sylvia, made a stop-over landing at the Manila Airport to visit with the Marshalls. "Robert graduated from Newport High School in 1965," Marshall recalled. "We had been exchanging e-mails since last year." Goodyear is the COO of Alliance Health Card in Atlanta, Ga. He and his wife were attending the 40th class reunion at Newport and they made arrangements for a stop-over in Manila. Marshall taught Goodyear trigonometry his junior year and calculus his senior year. Marshall said he was always a good student. He also took pictures for a Newport newspaper, wrote for the school newspaper, and carried a full schedule in school. "He knew I was a pilot and he came to me one day and said the pilot's written examination was going be given in the area in two weeks," Marshall said. "He asked me if I thought he could pass it. I encouraged him to do it and gave him some books to study. I knew he was capable of passing I just wasn't sure he would have the time needed to prepare. He did pass with an 85 percent." The Marshalls enjoyed their visit with Mr. and Mrs. Goodyear. Mr. Marshall had not flown for 20 years but had the opportunity to fly the Piper Arrow flown to Manila by Goodyear. "I didn't take off or land but I did enjoy flying the airplane," Marshall said. "It is like riding a bicycle, you never forget." Marshall is recovering from two surgeries. He had lung surgery early in the year and back surgery. "The visit from Robert was a bright side of the year," Marshall said. "I enjoy staying in contact with any of my former students." Another one of Marshall's former students is well known throughout Arkansas. He taught Arkansas Attorney General Mike Beebe. "He was one class ahead of Robert at Newport," Marshall remembers. Marshall said he has always enjoyed teaching and learning. "You are never too old to learn," he said. Marshall started painting at the age of 72. He has started digital painting using a 4000x3000 pixel on an 800x600 screen. He controls the paint brush with the mouse.

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