*¿Rodeo topic of Caraway City Council

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Caraway City Council formulated plans for next year*s fourth of July celebration at the city council meeting July 13.

Alderman Bo James recommended the rodeo be brought back to the Fourth of July celebration next year and the operation of the fire works display and rodeo attraction, inside the park walls, be turned back over to the Caraway Lions Club for management.

*Since we have a rodeo arena, we don*t need to have a rodeo at the park,* said councilman Kenny Weathers.

*People want the rodeo back, and we need it during the celebration,* James said. *We need to get back in the circuit with the rodeo.*

*Floyd Johnson used to help us with the rodeo, now his son Mark has taken his place,* Barry Riley said.

*I move that we get the rodeo back in the park,* said James.

*That*s not your decision to meke,* Weathers said. *That is the job of the park committee. Get Ronnie Harris up here and he will tell you how it went the last time.*

*It was full the last time,* James said. *Whatever we have to do to get it back, we need to do.*

*The rodeo brings a big crowd,* Alderman Mike Vaughn said.

*Why did ya'll donate money to build the arena if you don*t want a rodeo held there?* asked Weathers.

*The arena is for year around use,* said Mayor Joe South.

*We need to keep the crowd here, during the fourth of July,* Alderman John Boatman said.

Councilmen referred to friction between park committee and Lion Club members in the past.

*We are getting along now, and that was in the past,* said Weathers. *I haven*t seen ya*ll (council) out there helping.*

*You said you were going to retire a year ago,* said Vaughn.

*You*re talking for your kin folks now, aren*t you?* said Weathers.

*Our park is lacking in activities,* said alderman Brent Powell. *There was a ball tournament planned, and it was cancelled. There is nothing here to do. The concert idea is not working.*

*We are just volunteers,* said Weathers. *And we don*t get paid.*

*The city has bought the fire works every year since the park committee took over,* said James. *The Lions Club always purchased their own. It is time for the city to quit purchasing fire works and turn it back over to the Lions Club. We need to get the rodeo back. Do we really even need a park commission anyway?*

*I question the legality of doing away with it,* said Weathers.

Mayor South agreed to look into the legality of doing away with the parks committee.

*There is a lot of work that goes on in having a rodeo,* said Mrs. Bernard Berry. *We always made money from our sponsors. It was profitable.*

*Everyone can benefit from having the rodeo back,* said James. *The city will benefit.*

*Have you ever put the park back after the rodeo?* Weathers asked.

*Yes, I have,* said James.

*No, you haven*t.* said Weathers.

The council voted 5-1 to bring rodeo back and turn the park festivities back over to the Lions Club, if they will accept it. Weathers cast the descending vote.

Mayor South reported that the city's ongoing sewer project is 90 percent completed, with all but six or seven customers north of town needing to be hooked up. All customer hook-ups west of town are completed.

*If we get about six to 10 good working days, we will be completely through,* said South.

Mayor South read a letter from Representative Marion Berry expressing his enjoyment of the annual Caraway Fourth of July celebration.

The council voted to donate $300 toward plans for the National Night Out celebration, set for Aug. 2 at the city park.

The council reviewed ordinance governing repeat offenders and biting dogs in the city.

*After the fourth offense, the dog will be put to sleep,* South said.

South reported the city is spraying for mosquitoes on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week, after 8 p.m. until around 10:30 p.m.

*We plan to keep on spraying and may add another night if necessary,* said South.

The council discussed accumulation of material in a city yard that needed disposing of, since it was attracting skunks. City will seek permission to remove debris. Overgrown ditches were also reported.

An inquiry into maintenance and care of the city cemetery was received, with concerns for tall grass and need for trimming.

*With the recent rains the grass has grown tall,* South said. *We are trying to get some inmates over to help.*

City employee raises were discussed. The Finance Committee will be contacted for their input and raises discussed at the August meeting. Any raises will be retroactive.

Mayor South displayed the Four-Star plaque the city was presented during the June 15 Arkansas Municipal League meeting in Hot Springs. The award is for excellence in loss control, in the area of employee safety, wellness, and vehicle safety and prevention of legal liabilities.

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