Linnie Hill turns 102 July 13

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Town Crier News Staff

Linnie Minton Cole Hill was honored on her 102 birthday Wednesday, July 13. Residents and staff at Monette Manor joined her for cake, ice cream, well wishes and birthday balloons.

Ms. Hill was born July 13, 1903, the daughter of Amanda and Zach Minton. She was born in Walnut Ridge and moved to the area in 1938. She first moved to the Boynton area where she worked at a store in the community. Boynton had a gin and a store. She then moved to Leachville where she worked for many years at Pyett Dime Store and later at Taybor Dry Goods.

"If we didn't have what the customer wanted, we would get," Mrs. Hill said. "Leachville was a busy place in those days. Working in stores I got to know almost everyone in town."

She lived over 60 years in her home at 306 East Fourth Street on the corner of Fourth and Ada Streets.

"I have had a good life, lived in a great place, and had wonderful neighbors." Ms. Hill said.

She lived at home, cooked her own meals and oversaw her yard work until the age of 96.

Six years ago she broke her hip and shoulder and spent time in rehabilitation. She was at home about a month when she fell and broke her knee. After that, she made Monette Manor her home.

She is a longtime member of the First Baptist Church where she taught Sunday school for many years. She has very fond memories of the young people that came through her Sunday school classes.

She was also very active in the Eastern Star.

When Mrs. Hill celebrated her centennial birthday two years ago she said if the Lord is willing she would be around to celebrate 101. Her philosophy is still the same for 103.

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