Jones celebrates 102nd birthday

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Floy Jones of Lake City celebrated her 102nd birthday Saturday, July 9, at the home of her daughter Dorothy Timms, and was surrounded by a host of family and friends, of all ages.

Timms provided a large red and white cake for her mother and served it with large amounts of ice cream, one of Mrs. Jones' favorites. Finding it hard to wait on the cutting of the cake, Timms gave her mother a finger full of the red icing to tide her over. Mrs. Jones savored the icing, and before she was finished with it her lips took on a bright red lustre, as if she had carefully put on lipstick.

Mrs. Jones was awakened early Saturday and was told family and friends would be dropping by all day to help her celebrate her birthday. She wore a pale blue housecoat, with an angel pin attached, which was a gift from her aide and friend, Sharon Harris. There were five angels on the pin, representing her five children, Everett, Velta, Vernon, Dorothy and Laucretia.

"I just love parties," Mrs. Jones said. "Especially my own. I keep finding it hard to believe that I have got to celebrate another birthday. After 100, every one is just nothing short of a miracle. It's like being 16 all over again.

"Some days I feel like I am 39 years old again, and some days I feel my age."

Mrs. Jones' actual birthdate is July 13, but since that is sometimes a workday, the family always tries to celebrate the Saturday before the actual event.

Family members showered Mrs. Jones with gifts, even though she is quick to say she doesn't really need anything.

"Everything that is needed is taken care of," Mrs. Jones said. "I have plenty to eat and a good bed to sleep in."

Mrs. Jones especially likes strawberries and will eat them anytime day or night. She and her husband, Orville Jones, used to grow their own strawberries. She now eats berries purchased at Kennett's, in Leachville, and they are put in the freezer for use year around.

Mrs. Jones took a lot of loving teasing from her grandsons, Rick Toddy and Tony Timms, as they vied to make her tell which one of them was her favorite grandson. When asked which grandson was the prettiest, Mrs. Jones said, "I don't know which one is the prettiest, but Tony is number one."

Once again, it appeared that Tony Timms was out front in the running, as he lives in the same house with Mrs. Timms and sees her every day.

Timms couldn't resist giving his grandmother a big kiss with her announcement.

"I just love kisses," said Mrs. Jones

"He has been working on you again," Rick Toddy jokingly declared.

"Everyone just leave Tony alone," she said in his defense. "I'm going to have to get y'all.

"Sometimes they would probably like to whip my rear end," she said, "but they think I'm an angel."

Timms teased Toddy about his short pants (Bermuda shorts). Mrs. Jones said, "Now if he doesn't like them, I'll try to get Rick some more pants."

When Timms asked Toddy if he was going to dance, he was quick to answer, "No, but I recall when Grandma held you by the ear and made you dance while switching you."

"Yes," Timms said, "and she mostly led."

"Momma is so funny and comes up with the cutest things," Dorothy Timms said. "She asked me last week if I ever wanted another husband, since mine is dead. I assured her I didn't. She told me she hadn't decided if she wanted to get married again or not. I told her I didn't think her getting married again was a good idea. She seemed content with that answer.

"Momma asked me if her mom and dad were dead? I told her they were. She said, 'Well who is going to be my boss?' I can be your boss, if you want me to be. 'No,' she said, 'I can be my own boss now.'"

Mrs. Jones has three family members that are state troopers, Buren (B.J.) Johnson and Darrell McClung (retired) and Gerald McClung. The oldest grandchild present at Mrs. Jones' birthday party was Kay McClung of Rector.

Family members took turns taking pictures with Mrs. Jones and wishing her a happy birthday. After all the photos were finished and gifts opened, it was time to eat cake and ice cream.

"This is my favorite part," said Mrs. Jones. "We can do this every day, if you want to."

Tony Timms and his mother, Dorothy Timms, help Mrs. Jones unwrap her many gifts.

Dorothy Timms gives Mrs. Jones a finger full of red birthday cake icing.

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