Manila Police Department receives counterfeit detection machine

Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Manila Chief of Police and Mayor Clifford Veach accept conterfeit detection machine from Lorene Steward of Manila First National Bank.

Lorene Steward, branch manager of Manila First National Bank, presented the Manila Police Department with a counterfeit detection machine.

"We have one in all of our branches and gave one to the Manila Police Department and one to the Blytheville Police Department," Steward said. "Counterfeit money is a problem and sadly, there is no repayment to the businesses that get hit. It seems the fast food places seem to be a major target for passing counterfeit bills."

Manila Chief of Police and Manila Mayor Clifford Veach accepted the machine from Steward.

"We have had counterfeit money passed in our community," Chief Hill said. "The machine will make it easier for us to detect counterfeit bills."

If anyone has money they suspect is counterfeit, they can contact the banks or the police department.

The UVeritech scanner detects counterfeit currency, credit cards, checks, traveler's checks, international currency, driver's licenses, resident alien/green cards, passports, casino chips, and other items such as cashier's checks, or U.S. Government checks.

The machine came with instructions on what to look for when checking $100, $50, $20, $10 and $5 bills as well as the other items made with security markings.

"We appreciate the bank providing the machine," Chief Hill said. "It is a good way for them to help the community keep our citizen's safer from fraud."

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