Lake City Council waives paving bidding

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Lake City council waived competitive bidding on its street project, approved one building variance and reviewed another during the regular council meeting, Monday evening, May 16.

The council passed Ordinance 2013-5 waiving competitive bidding for the street paving project, allowing Judsonia-based White County Paving the contract with the city for the infrastructure and street repairs.

The council voted 5-0 to approve a variance to Ann Heinz for constructing an addition to her home on Olathe Street. Alderman Bill Reeves abstained from voting.

"We don't usually give variances for subdivisions that have guidelines originally," Lake City Mayor Jerry Bowman said. "The old part of town does not have a variance listed in the guidebook."

"I am concerned about those we have turned down before," said councilman Randy Blancett.

"In the old part of town there are many variations," said alderman Mark Mann. "Many of the lots were cut and sized to accommodate shotgun style houses."

"In this case, the addition won't obstruct anybody's view of the street," Councilman Doug Stone said.

"I can't vote for it because there is nothing in the hand book on it," Councilman Bill Reeves said.

Aldermen reviewed request by Delmar Maple for variance approval on land he is purchasing after the transaction has been completed.

"I want to divide the lots and make two lots out of it," said Maple. "I want to build two small houses on the lots. The two houses would look better than what is there now."

The council asked Maple to bring survey back to the next council meeting for lot size approval.

The council discussed a letter received from Lee Beasley. The letter stated that Beasley had agreed to purchase 41 acres on South Lake Street contingent on getting water and sewer from Lake City and the promise that South Lake Street would be paved, within two years.

"When money becomes available and the county can do it, it will get done," said Bowman. "This is a city road, not a county road, and that doesn't work the same. In two or three years we will eventually pave it, but if she told people we were going to do it, she is mistaken."

Beasley wrote there would be no more housing started in Lake City by Lee Beasley Construction until the work begins and completion date agreed for the paving of Lake Street.

The property has already been annexed into the city.

"I have been threatened on the phone by her (Beasley), and no in this letter," said Bowman. "I won't make a commitment to pave and can't force the county to do it. There is not a city around that would do what we have done for this lady. That subdivision does not belong to the city."

"We have done all the other streets in town, in phases," said Blancett.

"This lady is a business person and I don't think she is going to walk away if we don't do this now," said alderman Reeves. "I want to see this subdivision done also."

"The county sets up the road bed and it is driven over about a year, before they pave it," said Bowman.

"She needs to do her part and we will do ours," said Mann.

The city agreed to send Beasley a letter of their intentions, of asking the county to prep the road, have it driven over for a year, and pave as much of it each year as finances permit.

In other business the council:

*Appointed Bill Reeves to review the city's zoning ordinance regulations, for updating and review at the next council meeting.

"I took this job to do what I can for the city," Reeves said. "I'll read it over and make notes as to changes and revisions in."

Alderman Mike Mann agreed to work with city clerk, Diane Crews, to review the city's employee manual.

In other business the council:

Voted 4-2 to allow Mike Stetzer to place a tile culvert along the front of his property, on Deanne Street, stipulating if it creates issues for the city it will be removed. Councilmen Reeves and Carolyn Caldwell cast the opposing votes.

"If we ever have to tear the tile out, then we won't replace it," said Mayor Bowman. " As all those easements are on city property.

"The tiles will be hard to clean out if they get stopped up," said Blancett.

"I have two neighbours who have already put the tile in," said Stetzer.

"The city will not help put in the tile," said Mayor Bowman. "We will inspect the work before you cover it up."

Stetzer agreed to sign an agreement stating the city retains right to tear out if necessary.

*Accepted applications from Richard Cashier and Sanders Falgout III to serve as volunteer firemen on the Lake City Fire Department.

*Decided to move forward with updating the city's zoning ordinance and employee manual.

The next regularly scheduled Lake City council meeting is 6:30 p.m. June 13 at city hall.

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