Caraway Council oks fogger purchase

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Caraway City Council worked through a short agenda at the regular meeting May 12.

Mayor Joe South reviewed the minutes and financial statement with the council at the beginning of the meeting.

Councilman Bo James inquired about payment for commercial fireworks classes, for Barry Riley and Gary Don Hurst, to obtain a fireworks license. The license allows the holder to purchase fireworks and operate displays. Alderman Kenny Weathers also has a commercial fireworks license.

"Why wasn't I called about this," James asked.

"I don't have to bring this before the council to pay it," South replied. "Is there a problem with it?"

"I think this is a conflict of interest, since Gary Don sells fireworks," James said. "He never comes to help with our fourth of July fireworks."

"He (Gary Don) is familiar with fireworks, and if something happened to me or Kenny he could carry on in our place," said Fire Chief Barry Riley. "It is always a good idea to have back-ups in case of an emergency."

"Gary Don buys a $20 permit license to sell fireworks, and he doesn't sell the same type of fireworks that we use in our fourth of July celebration," said councilman Marvin Browning.

The council approved the financial statement and minutes.

Mayor South gave an update on the ongoing city sewer project.

"I have been in a meeting all day with our engineer to close out the sewer project," South said. "The plumber will start to hook up low to moderate customers this week. We have 11 applications with three or four more to consider. Terry (Couch) and Merle (Bard) are already doing sewer hook-ups."

Mayor South and the council discussed spraying the city with a mosquito fogger.

"The fogger I have looked at runs off a generator," said South. "We sprayed a few blocks near city hall and found it to be very effective on flies. If it helps with flies, then it surely would help with mosquitoes. We hope to spray the city three times a week, for about 22 weeks.

"We sprayed on the fourth of July last year for about $40. We usually get that donated, and it really helps.

"We were told it would take about three gallons of chemicals to do the whole city, and they are $22 each gallon. A fogger costs $1,095. The wind has to be less than 5 miles per hour to spray effectively. We could buy one and see how effective it will be."

The council voted to purchase one mosquito fogger and chemicals to spray the city. Employees operating the fogger will change hours to allow them to spray the city late in the evening.

The ditch behind New York and San Francisco Streets needs to be cleaned out," said alderman Brent Powell. "It has a lot of trash in it and people have killed several snakes in that area."

The council agreed to look into the problem.

It was reported a tree behind Garland Tipton's property looked like it was about to fall. The council expressed concerns the tree would fall on a house or end up hurting someone and agreed to look at it to see what can be done.

Mayor South announced Kerri Schoolfield, Haley Faulkner, Conseulo Stallings and Tiffany Treece had volunteered to clean up and beautify areas of the city.

"We sure appreciate these ladies and are thankful they want to donate their time to improving the look of the city," said South.

South reported the new ball field will be finished by July.

Alderman Mike Vaughn requested another park bench be placed in the city playground area. Mayor South agreed to take care of it.

The council discussed a problem with a vicious dog running loose in the city. Mayor South explained the fourth time the dog was picked up, the family would not be allowed to pay the fine and get it back.

The next council meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. June 9 at city hall.


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