Pittsburgh Paint receives Lake City water tower bid

Friday, April 1, 2005

The Lake City Council passed one ordinance and defeated another, accepted bids to paint the water tower and set the annual cleanup date at the meeting Monday, March 21.

Ordinance 211-05, amending the present building code, was passed on the second reading. The ordinance provides for restrictions on the use of driveways across city easements and provides for a penalty if not met.

Ordinance 213-05, allowing the mayor to hire and fire all city employees, was defeated when to motion made by councilman Randy Blancett, to approve the ordinance on the second reading, failed for lack of a second. The ordinance would have enabled the mayor to hire and fire any employee of the city without the necessity of approval of the city council or department.

The council discussed the pros and cons of the ordinance at length, with the majority of the council stating their approval of employees having the right to appeal a decision, should the need arise. Mayor Jerry Bowman will continue hiring and firing of employees, as before.

Bids were opened by city clerk, Diane Crews, for cleaning and painting of the city water tank. Four bids were received, which included: Leher Painting, $24,450; Pittsburg Paint, $11,500; Cain Sandblasting, $16,500; and Cunningham Sand Blasting, $17,810. The council voted to accept the bid from Pittsburg Paint, which was awarded the contract the last time the tank was painted.

Spring cleanup was set for May 1-7. Only two tires, per residence, will be picked up. The council approved Mayor Bowman to carry off 20 loads of old concrete, with the city furnishing the use of the back hoe.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be 6:30 p.m. April 18 at city hall.

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