Caraway Council

Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Caraway City Council accepted an elected official's resignation, discussed appointments, and made new council assignments at the regular council meeting Thursday.

Mayor Joe South read a letter of resignation from newly elected city recorder/treasurer Marcia Stevens, which is effective Feb. 10.

"At last month's meeting there was a vicious verbal attack on our newly elected treasurer/recorder," South said. "It was unnecessary, due to the lack of knowledge as to what has transpired. I wanted Marcia to retain her job but she chose to resign.

"I asked our city attorney if Rick (Stevens) would be eligible to be appointed, and he said he was. Rick wanted no part of it."

Mayor South said he had also talked to Lisa Taylor (who ran for the office of treasurer/recorder in the November 2004 election) and Dianne Powell, about the opening.

"We can appoint someone to fill the position," South said.

"Since Marcia's resignation was effective tonight, then we will need to wait until the next regular council meeting to fill that vacancy," Alderman John Boatman said.

The council agreed to address the matter at the March 10 meeting.

Mayor South appointed aldermen Brent Powell, Mike Vaughn and Marvin Browning along with the recorder/treasurer to serve with him on the Budget and Finance Committee. South also recommended that aldermen John Boatman, Kenny Weathers and Bo James assist with Water, Sewer and Street Departments.

"I want you to see what the jobs involve," South said. "The more a city council gets involved, then the better off we will be. These people do a good job with what they do, so if you follow them around, you'll see."

"It is like doing a progress report on different groups of what city does," said alderman Brent Powell.

Alderman Weathers asked if they could ride with the police officers.

"No, only another officer can ride with them," South said.

"Is this through the mayor or city council?" Weathers asked.

"No, this is through the Municipal League," South said.

"The purchase of tasers for city policemen has been taken out of the city budget for equipment until more knowledge can be gained," South said. "If something needs to be done then we can bring it to the city council."

The council approved South's appointments.

South reported that city employees had met and talked about potential changes in the city handbook, concerning holiday days.

"The Municipal League handbook is different for policemen than our handbook is," South said. "We have made the necessary adjustments and the employees settled it. Holidays were traded around and we agreed to go by the city handbook."

The council approved changes to the handbook.

The council discussed trash cans that sat off the city streets, and debris being piled in city ditches.

"Judge Dale Haas said he would provide a track hoe and and operator to clean our ditch, if it would help," South said.

Mayor South gave people in the audience an opportunity to be heard.

"Are we going back to recognizing people in the audience without them having to be on the agenda?" Weathers asked.

"I like to recognize people in the audience if it doesn't end up causing our meetings to be three or four hours long," South said.

South reported on the ongoing sewer project.

"Work has been done at the school," South said. "Many north project people have applied for assistance. We will start hooking up next week. When the work is done the sewer rates will be increased, as agreed."

"If private donations are made to the city, can they be earmarked for certain things?" asked Brenda Walker.

"Yes, for any project in the fund that it is applied," South said.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be at 6 p.m. March 10 at city hall.

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