Monette receives $140,000 park grant

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

The City of Monette has received notice of the approval of a $140,000 grant from Arkansas Parks and Tourism to make improvements to the city's park system.

Alderman Earnestine Harrell informed the council of the receipt of the grant during the Monette City Council's regular meeting on Monday, Jan. 24. The award consists of a $70,000 grant with matching in kind funds to total $140,000.

During the meeting, Harrell noted that the projects in line to be funded as a result of the grant include paving work and impact materials at the city park as well as improvements to the ball park complex.

"The grant committee looked at our application closely before approving it," Harrell said. "What we do with this will determine if we get others."

In order to complete the project, Harrell suggested appointing local contractor Perry Wood to the city's park committee so he could provide input on construction projects associated with the grant. The council unanimously voted to place Wood on the committee.

Harrell added that letters should be sent to all of the individuals and businesses who had previously agreed to make cash donations if the grant was approved to inform them of the project's status. Mayor David Fletcher then stated that a letter would also be sent to the Monette Youth Association reminding the organization of their role in completing the park renovations.

In other business, the Council moved briskly through a light agenda following being sworn in at longtime Alderman Earl Read's house prior to the meeting. Due to illness, Read was unable to attend the meeting, so Council members gathered at Read's home in order for all members to be sworn in together.

Mayor Fletcher briefly reviewed the 2005 city budget and asked each Council member if they had any concerns before approving it. After addressing questions, the budget was unanimously approved by all those in attendance.

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