Birthdays in pairs

Wednesday, January 12, 2005
The Davis siblings, Patsy Davis Harris, age 9, Larry and Garry Davis, age 6, and Dennis and Debbie Davis, age 4. Both sets of twins were born on Jan. 17 two years apart. This picture of the Davis children was taken in 1962.

Jan. 17 is a red letter day for the Davis family as four of the five siblings celebrate their birthdays. Hazel Davis of Caraway is the mother of five, giving birth to two sets of twins.

Her oldest daughter, Patsy Davis, was born July 24, 1953. Before her third birthday, Mrs. Davis gave birth to Garry and Larry Davis, born Jan. 17, 1956. The family increased again with another double blessing as Dennis and Debbie Davis were born on Jan. 17, 1958.

Patsy is married to Ronnie Harris, and she has a beauty shop in Caraway.

Garry and Larry, the oldest twins, also live in Caraway.

The younger twins, Dennis and Debbie, live in Black Oak. Dennis and his wife, Tina, have one son. Debbie and her husband, Mike Rhodes, have two sons.

Larry said while they were growing up, their mother always made four birthday cakes every year on Jan. 17. Sometimes she would rent a building and have a party for all four with their classmates.

Now that they are grown, she only bakes one birthday cake but they all still get together to have cake and ice cream.

"We will probably get together this year at Mom's house for cake and ice cream," Larry said.

The family enjoys getting together during Christmas, but they still look forward to their birthday celebration together on Jan. 17.

Mrs. Davis is the widow of Rex Davis.

Larry said their grandfather, the late Dereck Davis, was a big help to them growing up.

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