Looking for a home

Wednesday, January 5, 2005
Dorothy Reid (left) and granddaughter Rachel hold part of a litter of 16 puppies looking for a good home. (Town Crier photo/Nan Snider)

What is there about Dorothy Reid that attracts puppies? Who knows for sure, but here she is again with a huge litter of beautiful puppies needing homes.

Last summer Reid took in a black medium size dog that was homeless and starving. She named her Sugar.

"Sugar got fatter and fatter as I fed her and took good care of her," Reid said. "Six weeks ago I came home to quite a surprise, as she had given birth to 16 puppies. I almost cried, thinking what in the world was I going to do with all of them.

They are black, white and tan in color, and very healthy, Reid said. They can't be put outside as they have never been outside. They already have teeth, and Reid has wormed them, but they will need their puppy shots soon.

"I have puppies running out of my ears," Reid said. "As usual, I have recruited my granddaughter Rachel (Goldammer) to help me take care of them.

"I think the daddy of the puppies is a bigger dog, with a lot of collie in him. Anyone who is interested in having a new puppy in their home should call me at 870-486-2652. They are welcome to come by and look at them.

"I just can't stand to see dogs suffer, and get myself into more trouble trying to take care of to many strays," Reid said. "I keep saying I won't do this again, but then here I go when I see the need.

Reid said the puppies would make good pets, because all they have ever know is love and care.

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