JHS slips past BIC

Thursday, December 9, 2004

The Buffalo Island Central Mustangs had a close game with the Jonesboro High School Hurricanes on Friday, Dec. 4, at the 20th annual KFC--Taco Bell--Pepsi Hurricane Basketball Classic at Jonesboro High School. BIC fell 50-44.

The game began with JHS pulling down the tipoff and a 10--0 lead. At 4:08 Brooks Taylor of BIC scored a nice three-point shot making the score 10--3. Following his teammate, Brandon Ballard then scored another trey for BIC at 3:26. Matt Garner answered back at 3:08 with his own three-point shot making the score 13--6.

With less than two minutes left in the quarter, Derek Roland went to the line to score two free throws for BIC. With only seconds left in the frame a jumper from inside the lane from JHS' Garner brought the score to 17--8.

The second quarter began with a layup from Ballard of BIC at 7:27 making the score 17-10. At 6:43 Brooks Taylor went to the line to score one free throw for BIC. At 5:50 in the second, Emmanuel Cheers broke the silence and sank a trey for JHS, making the score 22--11. Josh Nettles answered back for BIC with a trey at 5:35. At 3:10 Ballard scored a jumper inside the lane and drew a foul and went to the line another free throw for BIC. At 2:15 Garner for JHS released a three-point shot, answered by Ballard at 1:50 with another three point shot. The Mustangs trailed 30--20 at the half.

Nettles for BIC started the third quarter off with a trey at 6:07. A two-point jumper for Ballard at 5:30 brought the score 32--25. Nettles scored again with a trey at 5:07, followed by Ballard with a trey at 3:15 to bring the score 33--31, leaving BIC trailing two points behind JHS in the third. At 2:48 Nettles tied it up 33--33 with a drive down the lane.

Ballard also put up a two-point shot putting BIC in the lead 35-33. However, with barely a second remaining JHS' Ryan Williams knocked down a three-point jumper from the far outside giving the Hurricanes a 36--35 lead at the end of the third quarter.

With 7:32 left in the fourth Garner netted a layup, followed by Ballard at 7:15 for two points, putting BIC only one point behind JHS. Then at 6:55 Ryan Williams of JHS put up a two-point shot making the score 40--37.

The game was then tied up 40--40 by a nice trey from Nettles of BIC at 6:36. With 3:00 left in the fourth Williams of JHS scored two then drew a foul and went to the line, missing his free-throw. With little more than 1:30 left in the fourth, Taylor of BIC fouled out of the game, and JHS' Cheers went to the line and scored one free-throw.

With 22 second left, Garner of JHS went to the line to score two free throws, giving JHS a 49--44 lead. With less than ten seconds left, Ballard for BIC put up a three-point shot brought down by Williams, who drew a foul and went to the line for JHS and scored one free throw. The Hurricanes won it in a close fourth quarter, 50 -- 44.

Leading scorers for JHS were Williams with 12, Garner with 14 and Cheers with a total of 10 points.

BICs leading scorers were Ballard with a total of 20 and three treys, Nettles had 14 and four treys and Rolland and Taylor each scored five.

"I'm disappointed with the way we played and, if we would have played up to our capabilities we would have won," coach Bill Taylor of BIC said.

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