Circle Inn birthday party honors two

Thursday, October 7, 2004
Attending the birthday celebration at Circle Inn are, from left: B.A. and Lucille McCann, Gledis Hester, Micha and Mary Ann roadh and Joan Rainbolt. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

Jim Fields and Debbie Hall of Circle Inn in Manila hold birthday celebrations for their senior citizen customers that are 60 and over. It is a tradition that has been going on for a long time.

Monday was a "big" celebration honoring B.A. McCann on his 95th birthday and Gledis Hester on her 91st birthday. Together, they celebrated 186 years of life. The two Manila residents are long-time patrons of Circle Inn. The two have been friends for many years. Mrs. Hester worked for the McCanns when they had a furniture store in Manila.

"I worked for B.A. and Lucille for 17 years," Mrs. Hester said. "After my husband died I needed a job. I went into the furniture store and told Mr. McCann that I had a little girl to raise and I really needed a job. He hired me on the spot.

"If I don't live another day, I have been blessed," Mrs. Hester said.

She thanked Mr. and Mrs. Fields and their staff for providing a good place in Manila to eat and honoring their customers with birthday celebrations.

"They are really nice people," Hester said.

Mr. McCann said he enjoys his daily visits to Circle Inn.

Many of the regular customers were on hand to wish the two a happy birthday. Several family members of both attended.

Among the guests were Mrs. Hester's daughter, Joan Rainbolt, of Mountain View; cousins, Robin and Mary Ann Roach, and granddaughter, Micha, of Judsonia, and Darlene Roach. Mr. McCann's wife, Lucille, and son, Keith, were also present.

Cake and coffee were served after everyone sang Happy Birthday to the two honored guests.

The next birthday party will be Oct. 8 in honor of Carl Brooks, Mable Kelly and Della Castleman. Clell Castleman's birthday will be celebrated later in the month.

Hall, who has worked at Circle Inn for many years, said everyone enjoys the birthday parties.

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