Bobo takes refuge from hurricane at Groomingdale's

Thursday, October 7, 2004

There is no place like home -- unless there is a hurricane, and then Groomingdale's of Manila proved to be a great shelter for Bobo. Bobo is the seven year old German Shepard that has been living at the Manila kennel, owned by Dana Towell. Bobo has been a guest at Groomingdale's for two weeks.

Dana said he seemed to enjoy the company of the other dogs.

Bobo's family left their home in Gulf Breeze, Fla., before Ivan hit.

The Cash family, Elmer, Sandy and Sandel, have family in Blytheville making it the perfect destination for them. Sandy is the daughter of June Russell of Blytheville.

"Category 3 is my limit. When a hurricane is classified as a category 3, it is time for us to leave," Sandy said.

She said they have not evacuated since Hurricane Opal came through 10 years ago.

She has been in contact with family members in the Florida area and was pleased to find out that her home was not destroyed.

"We had just moved into our home two months ago and we are glad that we have it to go back to," Sandy said. "We did lose our fence, but that is no so bad."

She has a son that lives in Longwood and a daughter at Ft. Walton but she said she has been contact with them and they are fine, also.

Once they got out, the family discovered it was not so easy to get back in due to the damage of the bridges.

Sandy said I10 East Bridge collapsed and the Pensacola Bridge was damaged.

Sandel's school is being used as a shelter and the family will be back in time for her to start back when school resumes.

Bobo has been part of the family since she was eight weeks old.

"My brother brings his dog to Groomingdale's and recommended it for Bobo," she said. "We came and visited her often," Sandy said. "This is the longest she has been away from the family."

The Cash family picked Bobo up Saturday morning, thanked Dana for taking care of Bobo, and headed home.

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