Nan Snider book to profile Painted House

Thursday, September 30, 2004
Nan Snider will hold a book signing on the front porch of the Painted House on Saturday. (Photo submitted)

Nan Snider of Monette has just completed another regional book, titled "Lepanto Goes Hollywood," with the making of the Painted House movie. She will have her first book signing at the Painted House homestead from 8 a.m. to noon during the Lepanto Terrapin Derby, slated for this Saturday, Oct. 2.

"This book has been a labor of love," Snider said. "I knew from the day I interviewed John Grisham, the author of "A Painted House," in February of 2001, that should the film version of his book be filmed in Northeast Arkansas, the process should be the makings of a good book.

"Grisham's Painted House book is semi-autobiographical in nature, set in the early 1950's, in and around Black Oak," Snider said. "Grisham's early years were spent living on a cotton farm just south of Black Oak. His book details life on the farm, the hard work, the sparse living conditions, the interesting people he met, and the love and close bond of his family.

"When Hallmark Hall of Fame selected the place to make the movie, they chose downtown Lepanto, and surrounding areas," Snider said. "Lepanto has a historic main street, with store fronts on each side of the wide street. The citizens of Lepanto and the surrounding area welcomed the movie makers and opened their hearts and hands to them. Extras for the movie came from around the Lepanto area, including Marked Tree, Caraway, Monette, Black Oak, and Lake City. Lepanto residents wholeheartedly took part in the film, from helping with props, set decorations, dressing areas, and merchants gave their permission to have the fronts of their businesses artfully redecorated to fit the time frame. Many residents provided food and refreshments to film workers during the filming in Lepanto.

"Lepanto area residents fell in love with the movie making process and have worked hard to bring the original Painted House structure back to Lepanto and place it in a permanent setting, as a tourist attraction," Snider said. "The movie enthusiasts formed the Lepanto Area Citizens For Progress committee to raise money to move the house to Lepanto, rebuild it, and restore it to it's likeness during the filming of the movie. Committee members open the house for tours from 1-4 p.m. six days a week."

Snider will hold her book signing on the front porch of the Painted House on Saturday. Her book consists of 32 chapters and includes 258 pages, combining written text and 633 photographs. It sells for $25.00. The book covers the Lepanto area's view of the making of the movie "A Painted House," and the efforts by the LACFP to relocate the house to it's permanent setting.

Following the book signing, copies of the book can be obtained at the Painted House, at Dowless Carpet Emporium, and online at

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