Butler announces release of her first book

Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Stacy R. Butler's first book entitled "Letters I Should Have Written," is now available. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

Stacy R. Butler of Lake City has written her first book, "Letters I Should Have Written." The book is available through the publisher, Publish America of Frederick, Md. Butler is also an independent driver for Cody Transport Company of Lake City.

Letters I Should Have Written is the true story of a family battered by conflict, as seen through the eyes of a child. Abuse, alcoholism, betrayal and ultimately, murder, are related in this series of letters, poems and prayers. This fast-moving, vividly detailed personal account of pain, anger and loss spans almost 30 years, involving grief-stricken farewells and surprising reunions. It is a survivor's story; it is also a tale of hope, forgiveness and the search for lasting love. It is, above all, the story of a remarkable family and the resiliency of love.

The underlying theme of the book is simple: if you know or suspect that a child is being abused, get involved. Mrs. Butler hopes to launch a book tour to promote her book as well as the message it contains.

"It can be too easy to look the other way in situations of suspected abuse," she said. "Many people feel uncomfortable judging by their own standards of discipline and what constitutes abuse. However, by remaining silent, those same people are condoning and encouraging the abuse."

In the book, Butler directs readers to Prevent Child Abuse America, a charitable organization based in Chicago, Ill. Their website, www.preventchildabuse.org provides valuable information on recognizing the signs of abuse, as well as offering tips on ways to get involved.

Butler and her family recently moved to Lake City from Cookeville, Tenn. She is currently working on promoting her first book, writing several more books for readers of all ages, and pursuing her next goal, song writing.

For more information: http://www.fatlittlepigeon.com or contact stacy@fatlittlepigeon.com. Books can be ordered or request a review copy from Publish America, P.O. Box 151, Frederick, Maryland 21705, (310) 695-1707, support@publishamerica.com.

She said her book is also available now thorugh Amazon.com; barnes and noble.com and Books A Million.com.

"I got excited when I saw my book listed," Butler said.

Butler said she is enjoying living in the area. Her husband, David Butler, is a truck driver and has family ties in Lake City.

Butler said she loves the internet and has made contact with one of her third grade teachers and a junior high teacher.

"I wanted to let them know that I had written them a letter in my book," Butler said.

Butler moved 87 times in her life, attending 36 schools. She attended five schools during her kindergarten year alone.

"When you move that often, it is hard to get close to people. I was suprised that my third grade teacher remembered me," Butler said.

Butler said she wrote most of her book in May of 2002.

"I was in bed one night and started thinking about a telephone conversation I had with a childhood friend that I had not seen in years. I thought to myself, I should write her a letter. I got up and started writing and one letter just led to another and I think I wrote about 30 letters that night," Butler said.

Through all of her moves, Butler managed to make good grades and enjoyed writing. She included several poems that she had written through the years.

"Writing the letters was a release for me," she said.

Butler not only wrote the book, but she designed the cover. The dates on the letters on the front cover are special dates in her life.

Butler has a CDL license and enjoys driving a truck. She said she adapts well and is taking a break from truck driving. Her son, Timothy, 14, is a student at Riverside Junior High School. She is enjoying staying home with Timothy.

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