BIC accepts transfers

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The Buffalo Island Central School Board voted to hire Steve Brummett, from the Greene County Tech School District area, as secondary math instructor at the regular board meeting Aug. 16 Superintendent George Edd Holland's office.

The board approved the 2004-2005 school budget and financial report for 2003-2004.

Directors voted to forgo the September 2004 school election since there are no milage changes or contested board races.

"Vicki Carroll and Ernestine Harrell came by the office, asking that the board help them with their efforts in seeking to improve recreational facilities through grant funding," Holland said. "The park grounds are owned by BIC and maintained by the city. We will need to pass a resolution approving improvements to the park grounds, because they do not have sole ownership. Our agreement is that if the land is not maintained and used as a park, then it will revert back to the school."

The board unanimously approved the resolution.

Other business included:

*Adoption of the policy covering Smart Core Curriculum Policy.

*Approved transfers for four students from BIC to Manila, which included Kayla Harrison, former BIC student, and Beverly Shumate, David Shumate, and Cynthia Tomlinson, who had already been attending in Manila, but had moved into the BIC school district. Approved a transfer from BIC to Riverside for Kara Salliba and Hannah Pettit, who had also been attending school at Riverside and had moved into BIC district.

*Voted to renew the district's membership with the Arkansas School Board Association.

*Adopted a personnel policy and student handbooks and professional development policies.

*Accepted a bid from Millennium 3 of Jonesboro to replace equipment at the east and west Impac Labs for $53,121.

*Voted to name the new school gymnasium the "Mustang Athletic Complex." The name will be placed on the front of the building.

*Agreed to change next month's board meeting to Sept. 7, beginning at 6 p.m. on the junior high campus at Leachville.

The board discussed possible removal of the 40 year old bus shed on the west campus. No decision was made.

Dickie Howell has agreed to tear down the old school barn and bury it on site.

Holland said that two old Monette High School iron archways, to the high school and elementary, were stored at the barn and available to any group or individual who wanted them.

Discussion about placing four fans and four levers in the Leachville campus gymnasium. A decision will be made when final cost is received.

Leachville board members expressed concern from parents about the recent sixth grade west elementary benchmark scores being lower than those on the west campus.

"You have to be careful about jumping to conclusions, as state-wide scores have dropped from the fourth grade testing to the sixth grade," Holland said. "Testing fluctuates from year to year. You need to look at more than just one year, and look at the big picture. There are a lot of things to consider.

"Mrs. Doris Willyard will give a report to the board on this next month."

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