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Thursday, August 12, 2004
Sister Linda Brewer and her book, "Jesus, The Healer." (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

Sister Linda Brewer of Manila has been a pastor and evangelist for over half her life. She recently stepped out on faith and had her first book, "Jesus, The Healer," published.

Brewer said the decisions she has made throughout her life have been through faith.

The book has been in the making for over two years.

"I worked on it awhile and then put it aside for a time. I felt compelled by the Lord to go forward with it," Brewer said. "I contacted the publisher in December and just now have the finished copy."

Mrs. Brewer and her husband, Doyle, make up an evangelistic team, Abundant Rain Ministries. The Brewers desire is to fulfill the great commission and go into the world with the Gospel. Mrs. Brewer brings the message in word and Mr. Brewer brings the message in song.

Their home is in Manila but their travel trailer is always ready. Sister Brewer has preached in 18 states and recently was blessed to be able to preach in Bulgaria, in Eastern Europe. She is now planning a trip to Africa in the near future.

"In Bulgaria I preached in a Gypsy church. We had homemade stools. The building was a former bar. The owner got saved and turned the bar into a church. We had a translator there. The people just kept coming," Brewer said. "It was an amazing experience."

Brewer has been in the ministry for 32 years.

She said she used to laugh about someday writing a book about her experiences.

"I always said I would name it From the Cotton Patch to the Pulpit. That was my idea. The Lord had other plans," she said. "I want the book to bless people. I didn't do this out of ambition. This is His book."

The book has testimonies from people that have been healed and lives that have been changed through the work of the Brewers.

Brewer was called into the ministry at the age of 21. She has been a pioneer for those starting in the ministry. She became the first woman to be State Evangelist in the Church of God in Arkansas, and received the Evangelist of the Year Award 1991-1992, the first of its kind.

She has preached at Church of God state camp meetings in Arkansas, ministered at conferences in Illinois and Indiana, and has spoken at women's conferences and retreats. She is an ordained minister in the Church of God. When Sister Brewer first started preaching, women could not be ordained. Even though she could pastor, she could not serve communion, baptize or officiate at weddings.

She held a book signing at the Church of God General Assembly in San Antonio, Texas Aug. 2-7.

"The book is on healing. It has a lot of stories and testimonies. I was just a cotton patch kid but I have learned whatever God tells us to do, we can do it. I was tired of hearing how God used to do this or that and I prayed to hear the abundant rain and the Lord allowed me to. Rain represents life and revival," Brewer said.

She said she has a lot to be thankful for. While they were holding a revival, her husband suffered a stroke. Brewer said he has a beautiful voice and has written beautiful songs.

"For awhile, he lost all of his songs, but God gave them back to him. He is now back driving us from state to state and singing for the Lord," she said.

Brewer has been privileged to conduct revivals that continue on after the appointed dates. She was in revival in Texas that lasted five weeks. She and her sister, Glenda Johnson, started with a three night ladies' revival in 1998 that ended eight months later.

"My ministry has been a 32 year process," she said. "I prayed for more clarity and when I heard it so clearly, it was sometimes frightening and sometimes difficult."

Brewer has placed some of her books around town and has a web site, www.abundantrain.org. Anyone interested in obtaining a book can write to her at Box 994, Manila, AR 72442.

Sister Brewer enjoys preaching but she also enjoys praising with song. She has written her first song.

She don't know if God will lead her to write a second book or a second song, but she said she does know that she can do nothing without Him.

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