Tyler Henderson battles cancer

Wednesday, July 28, 2004
Tyler Henderson is undergoing cancer treatment at St. Jude Hospital. (Photo provided)

Gordon Tyler Henderson, 9, of Southhaven, Miss., was diagnosed with acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in May of this year and is undergoing outpatient treatment at St. Jude's Hospital, in Memphis.

Henderson is completing remission and induction treatment. His parents, Tony and Tammy Henderson, formerly of Black Oak, have been told that he has tested 95 percent positive for having a bone marrow transplant.

Tyler Henderson's grandparents living on Buffalo Island are Sandy and Candy Henderson, of Lake City, and Keith and Gail Mangrum, of Monette (near Carmi), and great grandmother, Vista Finley, of Monette.

"Tyler has a fifty percent or less chance to live unless a miracle or chemo will finally take," his mother said. "He will be receiving aggressive treatment for the next three years or more. We have appreciated all the prayers and cards of support that we have received. They mean so much to all of us."

Tyler's younger brother, Treston, 6, has been found to be a 100 percent donor match, should a bone marrow transplant become necessary.

Tyler is receiving chemo treatment four or five times a week at St. Jude, and receives platelets.

"Tyler will go back in the hospital soon for a 24 hour chemo treatment and will be there for several days if things go well," said grandmother Gail Mangrum. "If this induction treatment doesn't work then the bone-marrow transplant will be the next thing to try. Little Treston told Tyler that he just knows he has the magic in his body to make him well.

"Tammy and Tony lived in Black Oak for around 6 years, before they moved to Southhaven," said Mangrum. "When Tony got a good job there they drove back and forth for a while, before reluctantly making the decision to move.

"They have missed their old friends back home," said Mangrum. "They have been very thankful for all the support given to them by their neighbors and friends, and especially for the churches in the area for putting Tyler on their prayer list."

"The teachers at BIC West have been very supportive," said Tammy Henderson. "They have sent cards and called. Tyler loves to receive cards from his former school mates, and encourages them to keep it up. He said he couldn't believe that everyone still remembered him."

Tyler Henderson's address is 1864 Coral Hill Drive, Southaven, MS 38671. His phone number is 901-314-6591.

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