Positions filled by Manila School Board

Friday, July 23, 2004

Manila School Board members worked through a lengthy agenda during the June meeting accepting several resignations, filling positions, and extending the Superintendent's contact.

The board accepted resignations from Linda Stevens, special education teacher, Susan Wise, physical education teacher, and Lisa Hicks, paraprofessional and bus driver.

The board was in executive session for over an hour to discuss personnel.

The board voted unanimously (7-0) to hire Steve Milligan as physical education teacher/assistant coach; Holly Shelton as counselor; and Christie Baugher as first grade teacher. Also by a 7-0 vote, the board reassigned Wanda Smith from first grade to third grade, and Loresa Snow to elementary physical education. The board also voted to hire Rick Harrell as bus driver.

The board approved a new salary schedule for certified personnel that will extend salary increments to 18 years starting with the 2004-05 school year. The proposal accepted by the board, from the personnel policy committee, had received 36 votes to 21 votes.

Superintendent Pam Castor said both proposals met the state requirements.

"We want to be above average in every area. We don't want to be just at the minimum," President Johnny McCain said.

The board reviewed a proposed stipend pay list.

Castor said the realignment of the stipends was needed to get things in line. The board voted unanimously to accept the proposal and said they would revisit it next year.

The board approved a classified salary schedule for increments that establishes a set range of pay.

Board member Jackie Hill commented that he thought the nurses' salary was too low. Most felt that her job warranted higher pay. No action was taken at this time.

The board voted to extend Connie Adams' contract to 260 days.

The board voted 4-3 to extend Superintendent Castor's contract through 2006-07 school year. The motion was made by Rob Veach. Board members casting the no vote were Johnny McCain, Scott Misner and Jackie Hill.

In other business:

*The board approved the high school handbook and a professional development plan.

*Following a discussion, accepted the Turner Dairy bid for milk contract and Interstate for the 2004-05 bread contract.

*Voted to reimburse the Manila Youth Association $193.40 for supplies used during the baseball season.

*Ms. Castor informed the board that the school should be receiving test scores shortly. She said scores are expected to be up.

*Veach told the board that he had talked to the school's attorneys and it looked like the lawsuit will not be on the docket until next year. A lawsuit was filed by former Manila Superintendent Charolette Wagner when the board voted to not renew her contract. Veach said offers had been made and turned down. He asked the board if they wanted him to talk to the attorneys about making a settlement offer or just wait. Board member Hill said if offers had been made and turned down, he thought it should be left alone. No action was taken.

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