101-year-old "ain't done partying yet"

Friday, July 23, 2004
Pictured are, from left: Buren (B.J.) Johnson, Tony Timms, Mrs. Jones, Ricky Toddy, Gary Timms, and Gerald McClung. (Town Crier photo/Nan Snider)

Floy Jones of Lake City celebrated her 101 birthday on Saturday, July 10, at the home of her daughter Dorothy Timms, and was surrounded by a host of family and friends.

Mrs. Timms baked a large red and white cake for her mother and served it with large amounts of ice cream, one of Mrs. Jones' favorites.

Mrs. Jones was awakened early Saturday to the good news that a party was on the way.

"Is it really my birthday?" asked Jones. "I never thought that I'd make it to 100, but here I am. The Lord has a reason for keeping me around, as he has a reason for everything.

"It took me a long time to get ready for the party today. There was a time that I could get around like a young whippersnapper, but not anymore."

Mrs. Jones' actual birthday was July 13, but since that would be a workday, the family celebrated ahead of time.

Family members showed Mrs. Jones some of their keepsake pictures of her. She took one look and said, "I never thought I saw a day that I looked that good."

Mrs. Jones fondly recalled the days when her children were growing up, saying "I'm glad I had a large family, so I wouldn't be lonesome. I love to have people around, the more the better. Our house was always full of people, some were our kids and some belonged to other people. My mom was a good cook and we always had plenty to eat, so naturally there was always someone there who wanted to eat.

"Having my family here today makes me feel like a spring chicken. I don't need a husband now-a-days, as I am surrounded by all these handsome men (sons and grandsons)."

Mrs. Jones took a lot of loving teasing from her grandsons as they vied to make her name her favorite son, grandson or nephew. For this birthday, it appeared that Tony Timms was out front in the running, as he lives in the same house with Mrs. Timms and is at her beckoning call day and night.

"If you'll don't behave, I'm going to ask the Lord to come down and get you all," said Jones. "You are not going to get me off track today. I know some policemen and they will take care of you."

Mrs. Jones has three family members that are state troopers. Buren (B.J.) Johnson and Darrell McClung are now retired, and Gerald McClung is still on active duty.

When asked what her plans were for the rest of the day, she said she planned to fill up on ice cream and cake, then lay down and take a good nap.

The oldest grandchild present at Mrs. Jones' birthday party was Kay McClung, of Rector, and the youngest great-great-grandchild was Kirstyn Timms, daughter of Ryan and Brandi Timms, of Caraway.

Kaye sent her grandmother a large bouquet of red roses and an angel statue. A wide variety of beautiful gifts, cards and mementoes were opened during the celebration, each remembering Mrs. Jones' favorite things. Several five generation photos were taken during the day.

Mrs. Jones' family praised her for being a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and devoted christian.

"She is a prayer warrior," said Buren Johnson. "She has had three different pastors that called on her to help them pray for sick people and for their churches. She has always been a strong Christian lady and an example to us all. She just never let up."

"I've come a long way from Reagen's Mountain, where I was born," said Mrs. Jones. "My parents (Cordis and Leora Johnson) raised eight of us kids. My husband (Orville Jones) and I only had five kids (Everett, Velta, Vernon, Dorothy and Laucretia), but we still had our hands full.

"We raised about everything we ate growing up, and had plenty of it. I think that is why we are all so healthy. We laughed a lot, ate good, and gave thanks to God for it."

Last year, on Mrs. Jones' 100th birthday, she was just positive that President Bush was going to drop by for a visit. This year she has come to realise he is much too busy to come.

"The only thing I hate about birthdays is that I didn't have a chance to get all of you something," she said.

"If the Lord is willing, I'll be here next year to celebrate my 102 birthday. If not, then I'll be with my loved ones in heaven. When all of you get to heaven, I'll be there waiting for you with open arms. We can party up there also. We ain't done partying yet."

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