Lake City okays fire truck bid

Thursday, July 1, 2004

Lake City Mayor Jerry Bowman reported on the completion of the safe room at the Riverside East Elementary when the city council met in regular session June 21.

"It is built, completed, and paid for," Bowman said. "That is good news. The school is very appreciative, and the safe house should be in a very good spot to accommodate our city residents in that area also. The school has purchased 50 seats for the safe room, which will accommodate around 300 people."

Work on the renovation of the old post office building into a senior citizen center is near completion, Bowman said.

He reported that the city had purchased two Big Boy lawnmowers, one with a 52 inch cutting range and one with 60 inch, for use in mowing the cemetery, the parks, and city property.

Bids were opened for a new fire truck. Rosenbauer Firefighting Technology, of Century Falls, S.D., submitted the only bid, at $158,593.

Rosenbauer sales representative, Tim New, was on hand to answer questions concerning the fire truck.

"Delivery date allowed is 270 to 295 days, but some have been delivered in only five or six months," New said.

"The fire truck is to stay in Lake City and be used by the county," Bowman said. "Since we are in the county, if we need it here, we can use it also."

After a brief discussion the council voted unanimously to purchase the truck from Rosenbauer.

"We have all but $80,000 to $90,000 of the price," Bowman said. "We plan to cash in a certificate of deposit, which is earning about 2.1 or 2.4 percent interest, and loan the money to the fire district."

The council voted unanimously for the city to finance the cost of the fire truck and charge the fire district 5 1/2 percent interest, which they estimated to be one percent less than the going bank rate for loans.

The loan is to be paid back in five years in yearly installments. Bowman signed the agreement to purchase.

Precise fire truck details will be decided on after Mayor Bowman talks to the fire chief for feedback on fire department needs. The old fire truck will be sent to Shugtown for district use. The new truck will be for full fire district use.

The council approved the third and final reading to approve Ordinance 206-04, accepting property annexation.

The council voted to accept sealed bids on unsold city property items, which included a 1998 police car. Plans are to advertise in local newspapers.

Bowman announced that the city is presently spraying for mosquitoes, in hopes of deterring the pest.

Complaints were heard concerning Michael Burnside mixing legal chemical sprays at his business downtown. Bowman related that the chemicals were not illegal, but had a strong odor that has been offensive to nearby residents.

"The only way we can prevent the mixing of the chemicals is to pass an ordinance to that effect," Bowman said. "Perhaps he will decide to mix the chemicals somewhere else."

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. July 19 at city hall.

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