BIC school board discusses disposition of old gym

Friday, May 21, 2004

The BIC regular school board meeting was held on May 13, at the Superintendent's office, on the Monette campus, and recognized seven visitors present concerning disposition of the old gymnasium, on the west campus.

John Edwards, of Leachville, spoke on behalf of the visitors, expressing several items of concern. Edwards' questions to the board included concern over any need to keep the old gym, which included concern for maintaining and repairing it, and questions as to better uses for the money required to keep and maintain the old gym. Other visitors included Snowden and Cole Hawkins, Kenny and Patti Jackson, Hugh Wayne Rose and Ronnie Metcalf.

After a brief discussion the board voted 7-1 to tear down the old building, with board member Allen Dewitt casting the opposing vote.

The board moved to approve the request from Penny Toombs for 12 weeks maternity leave, to begin in October of 2004.

The board approved two reassignments, per request of Superintendent George Edd Holland, which included Reba Wimberley from High School Math to 3rd grade West Elementary, and Shirley Cato from 3rd and 4th grade West Elementary.

Kima Stewart, representing the Personnel Policy Committee, presented proposals (from the PPC) to the board, which included: 1. To extend sick days to be accumulated from 90 to 120 days-to be bought back by the district upon retirement; 1. to allow any employee with perfect attendance during the 190 day contract period to receive a $100 bonus; 3. The 2004 calendar; and 4. to allow any employee the opportunity to roll over unused personal days to the next year--an employee may not exceed four personal days in any given year and all excess personal days will turn into sick days.

The board adjourned at 7:45 p.m. to attend graduation exercise and reconvened in open session at 9:10 p.m.

Proposals from the PPC were reviewed and discussed by the board. The board approved calendar schedule number one, as recommended, with one change, sick days may be accumulated to total 120 days and 90 of those days will be bought back upon retirement (This increases the number of sick leave days that may be accumulated, but keeps at 90 for days purchased by the district at retirement.).

No action was taken on proposals number 2 and 4.

Salary changes were approved for the 2003-2004 school year, which included: 1. increasing the base salary for 185 day contracts from $27,000 to $28,000; 2. extended contract personnel will receive proportional increases; and 3. Classified personnel and administrators will receive a 4 percent increase.

The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be on June 14, at the BIC Jr. High School library, beginning at 7 p.m.

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