Monette Council accepts Liberty Bank property

Thursday, May 6, 2004
Liberty Bank representatives, Phyllis Smith and Dickie Pace, presented Mayor David Fletcher with the keys to former branch bank building on the corner of South Main St. and Drew Avenue, in Monette. (Town Crier photo/Nan Snider)

The Monette City Council met in regular session on April 26, and worked through a busy agenda consisting of property donations, partnership with BIC, and street repair.

Phyllis Smith and Dickie Pace, acting on behalf of Liberty Bank, presented the City of Monette, the keys to the former branch bank building and property. Mayor David Fletcher accepted the keys on behalf of the city, and expressed appreciation for the gift.

Alderman Tom Carroll reported on a meeting with the BIC school board, concerning parking and an access road.

"I asked the board about straightening the access road going from Reeves St. into the new ball park, some of which would be on school property," said Carroll. "They told me that they would not deed any more ground to the city, for any reason, but wanted to share in the use of the street. They presented me a informal drawing of the access road and an area 348 by 150 feed, on the west side of the new gymnasium. They requested that we go 50/50 with them to pave the parking lot (shown as area 5) which could be used by both the district and the summer sports program.

"They had two estimates, $33,000 and $49,000, one for a 2 inch layer of asphalt and the other for a 3 inch layer," said Carroll.

"I think we should enter into this agreement," said mayor Fletcher. "This is a win-win situation. They need the area for parking, in season, and we need it for overflow parking for our new ball fields."

Alderman Steve Suber placed the recommendation into the form of a motion to accept the paving of area 5 and to straighten the access road, with details to be worked out at a later date.

Mayor Fletcher asked alderman Carroll to act as liaison between the city and the school board, to work out the details.

Carroll reviewed drainage for the ball park, which is sloped southwest towards the ditch on the southern boundary.

"Roy Whited, who farms the land next to the school, plans to dig a ditch along the west side of the property so water will drain toward the ditch," said Carroll.

The council reviewed plans for city work and overlay of city streets, and to advertise for bids. Streets included: Texie (Stewart to N. Nance), Patch hole at #204 Harris; S. Williams (Virginia to Hogan); Edmonds (Hwy. to Flagger); Flagger (E. Main to Carruthers); E. Main (Hwy. to Flagger); Patch cut at #107 Carruthers); Larrison (Hwy. 18 to Texie); Texie (Hwy. 139 to E. Main); and N. Williams (Honis to Texie).

Other council business included:

*Johnny Mullens, with AR Soil and Water Conservation Committee, addressed the council concerning the National Flood Insurance Program Primer.

"Although Monette is not in the flood plane, this insurance can be very beneficial to you," Mullens said. "The insurance does not cost you anything. FEMA requires that you pass an ordinance and resolution in order to accept the insurance.

The council discussed the benefits of the NFIP plan with Mullens, but tabled the decision to accept.

*Council congratulated Kevin Holt, on his graduation from the police academy.

*Youth Association Treasurer Vickki Carroll reported that there was $4,500 in the association's banking account. The season's first game is slated for May 15-16.

*The city-wide garage sale is scheduled for May 1, with cleanupo week may 3-7.

*The council approved $300 gift to Relay for Life.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be May 24, beginning at 7 p.m. at city hall.

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