Caraway Masons serve 50 years

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

The Caraway Masonic Lodge #733 awarded five 50 year pins, at a dinner held in their honor Thursday, Feb. 12, at the lodge hall.

Kenneth Bratten, James Brickell, Noble Dunkerson, and Elmer Watkins were present to receive their 50 year buttons, pinned on family members, during the opening ceremony. Thomas Riggs of North Carolina was unable to attend.

A special framed certificate was presented by the lodge's Worshipful Master, Bernard Berry. The certificates commemorated the faithful service of the men and their dedication to the Masonic Lodge throughout the years. Berry gave a special tribute to the five men and presented them with 50 year membership cards.

"We feel very honored to recognize these five 50 year members and to have their families here tonight," Berry said. "We have 18 living 50 year Masons in our lodge, and we feel that is quite an accomplishment."

The Masonic Lodge dinner was open to the public, with special invitations to Masons, their spouses, Masters of the Lodge, and widows of Masters.

The Caraway Masonic Lodge was chartered on Nov. 20, 1935 and has taken an active part in the community ever since. Charter members were Ottis L. Baldridge; William Charles Craig; John L. Dickson; Charles Thomas Edwards; Hubert Theodore Harmon; Sidney Green Mangrum; and James Clarence Nebugar. The lodge hall is a large two story building located in downtown Caraway.

Past and Present Worshipful Masters include: W. C. Craig, 1935; Sidney Mangrum, 1936; Robert Kuhn, 1937; Hubert Harmon, 1938; F. S. Tucker, 1939-1940; Sidney Mangrum, 1941-1942; Joseph M. Welch, 1943; J. E. Pace, 1944; Ted Conner, 1945; C. L. Land, 1946; Hillis Black, 1947; Aubrey Rogers, 1948; Roy Nuckles, 1949; O. L.. Baldridge 1950-1951; F. S. Tucker, 1952; Melvin Land, 1953-1954; J. R. Hickey, 1955; Paul Tucker, 1956; R. H. Rea, 1957; Bill Rea, 1958; F. O. Malone, 1959; Billy D. Rea, 1960; Melvin Land, 1961-1962; A. A. Manis, 1963-1964; T. A. Collier, 1965; A. B. Barringer, 1966; J. T. McCormick, 1967; Wayne blake, 1968; willard Pollard, 1969; Melville Garrison, 190; Charles Adams, 1971; Bill Starnes 1972; Carl King, 1973; Roy Puckett, 1974; Henry Combs, 1975; David Stevens, 1976; George Gipson, 1977; Leo Stallings 1978; George Gipson, 1977; Leo Stallings, 1978; Charles Taylor, 1979; Roy Kelems, 1980; James Couch, 1981; Freddy Morgan, 1982; Randy Couch, 1983; Jerry Vaughn, 1984; Garry Taylor, 1985; Norman Griggs, 1986; Troy Kelems, 1987; Carl Waters, 1988; Larry Brooks, 1989; Jack Stone, 1990; Marvin Browning, 1991; Asa Boatman, 1992; Paul Martin, 1993; Norman Griggs, 1994; Jack Turner, 1995; Kenneth Faulkner, 1996; Ricci Waugh Sr., 1997; Tim Brickell, 1998; Jerry Bernard Berry Jr., 1999; Bob Holt, 2000; Ricci Waugh Jr., 2001; Ricci Waugh Sr., 2002, Ishmul Bob Holt, 2003, and Bernard Berry, 2004.

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