Reams announces for Mississippi County Judge position

Thursday, February 5, 2004
Dick Reams, Gosnell Mayor

Gosnell Mayor Dick Reams has announced he will be a candidate for the Democratic nomination to run for the office of Mississippi County Judge during the November election.

Reams is a lifetime resident of Mississippi County and has been the mayor of Gosnell for over 13 years. During his administration, with the help of the city council, city employees and citizens, Reams said Gosnell has become a thriving community with a new fire station, courtroom, nursing home, two new bank locations, sewer expansion and street construction.

Reams said over the past year numerous Mississippi County residents have approached him with concerns about the direction this county is taking. After listening to these concerns and talking with others in the county, Reams said he has become convinced these issues need to be addressed and therefore he is announcing his intent to seek the position of county judge.

Reams said during his campaign he will continue to listen to the issues and concerns of the citizens and address them at that time.

"I know the citizens of Mississippi County are willing to work together as shown with the passing of the economic growth tax. I believed together, with a new style of leadership, we can make this country grow to its full potential. In talking with others in all areas of the county, south west and north, I feel we all have a vision of what a great county this can be to raise our children in, work in and live in. With strong leadership and working together we can have economic development that will see this vision become a reality for all of us. I am excited about the possibilities that are out there for everyone who is willing to work to wake up this great sleeping giant that has the potential to become a county of unlimited growth.

"I believe, with the right leadership in the county, and the continued strong leadership of our state elected officials, together we can experience success in Mississippi County," Reams said.

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