McGuire announces bid for re-election as county judge

Wednesday, January 28, 2004
Mississippi County Judge Steve McGuire announces bid for re-election.

Mississippi County Judge Steve McGuire is completing his 10th year as county judge and is running for election to a sixth term of office.

"It's a great day to be in Mississippi County, and I would like to continue to be the judge of Mississippi County."

McGuire said many positive things are happening in the county, and many new projects are pending, and he would like to continue working to see that the pending projects come to fruition.

One of McGuire's goals since he first took office was to see Mississippi County begin working as one unit toward economic development of the entire area. Thanks to the hard work and cooperation of the citizens, McGuire said he feels this is very close to becoming a reality.

McGuire participates in the Governors Alliance for Regional Excellence, a program designed to bring the entire region together for the purpose of economic development.

"One of the things I learned is that Memphis, Tenn., is not large enough to stand alone and compete for economic development," he said. "If Memphis is not large enough to compete on its own, Mississippi County must come together and work as a unit or we will not have a chance of competing."

"The passage of the countywide sales tax for economic development is a good indicator that we are coming together as a county," he said. "The fact that we can all come together and work as one has put us in a far better position to compete for industrial and economic growth. We are seeing the benefits of this already, and we will see even more benefits over the next few years."

The announcement that the Denso plant will locate in Osceola, bringing 500 new jobs to the county, is a result of this new county unity, McGuire said.

In addition, McGuire said there are potential new industries and existing industries looking at expansion. If these things occur, they will enhance opportunities for everyone in Mississippi County.

Another goal McGuire has realized during his tenure in office is the construction of a new county jail facility, which is one of the most efficiently run jails in the country because of its unique design.

"We are very proud of the design of that facility," he said.

County road equipment has been upgraded and enhanced to allow better maintenance of the county road system, he said. Of the 50 wooden bridges that once spanned waterways in Mississippi County, only 18 will remain when current concrete bridge construction projects are completed.

"At one time we had the most linear feet of bridges of any county in the state," McGuire said. "We are replacing the 16-foot-wide wooden bridges with 25-foot-wide concrete bridges, with steel reinforced supports so they can support the maximum legal weight."

When the bridge replacement projects are completed, McGuire said the cost of maintenance will be drastically reduced, and those funds will go toward upgrading the Mississippi County road system.

Both county courthouses have undergone renovation since McGuire took office. McGuire said another of his goals, repairing all the leaks in the roof of the Osceola courthouse, has also been realized.

McGuire said he feels he has a good working relationship with the representatives in the Mississippi County Quorum Court, who are responsible for the quality of life in Mississippi County. He added he has worked 60 to 80 hours every week since he was first elected judge, in order to properly serve the citizens of Mississippi County.

"I have worked very, very diligently during my entire term as county judge to treat everyone fairly, regardless of where they live and what their status is," he said. "I pledge to continue to do that in the future."

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