Weight Watchers meeting comes to Manila

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Keeping with one of the most made New Year's resolutions, to lose weight, there is a new Weight Watchers meeting place in Manila.

Weight Watchers meetings are held in Manila every Thursday at the sell training room at Southworth, Inc., located on Highway 77. Weigh-in begins at 6:30 p.m. with the meetings at 7 p.m.

Marsha Petty of Leachville, organizer of the Manila group, said there has been a good response for the first few weeks with 16 joining.

"In order to keep our meetings in Manila, we need at least 20 participants. We are hoping to get more signed up since the holidays are over," Petty said. "We appreciate Southworth for allowing us to meet here. Meeting in Manila is convenient for the area working people."

Petty said this is her first time with Weight Watchers and she has been very pleased.

Debbie Spencer of Jonesboro, assistant manager of Arkansas Weight Watchers Area 100, consisting of eight counties, has been conducting the meetings.

Spencer is very motivating in her work with Weight Watchers as she lost 106 pounds in three years.

"I was a little slower in reaching my goal than the national average which is one to two pounds a week," Spencer said. "When I started in 1997 we had the 1 2 3 Success program. Now flex points are calculated and we can eat anything. No food is excluded from Weight Watchers."

Janet Mason of Manila is serving as leader in the Blytheville Weight Watchers group and will soon be taking the role of leader for the Manila group.

Spencer said as soon as her replacement for the Blytheville location is trained, Janet will start serving as leader for the Manila site.

Petty said the group meets and shares recipes, ideas and serves as a support group "cheering each other on."

"There is encouragement in numbers," Petty said. "One of the things I like about Weight Watchers is the fact that we don't have to buy special food. The meetings are fun and motivational."

Janiece Flannigan, one of the first to sign-up at the Manila location, said she has been very pleased with the Weight Watchers program.

"You don't get hungry," she said. "There is no food restricted and you get to pick what you want to eat."

Anyone interested in more information can contact Petty at (870) 539-2572.

"Everyone is welcome to join us on Thursday evenings," Petty said.

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