New revenue office opened in Lake City

Monday, January 5, 2004
Amy Brown and Marsha Ladd greet customers in the new revenue office, housed in the Lake City Court House. (Town Crier photo/Nan Snider)

Marsha Ladd and Amy Brown were taking care of business in the newly furbished State Department of Finance and Administration office located in the Eastern District Craighead County Court House in Lake City.

"We are so pleased to have this new office in the court house," Brown said. "We appreciate all that has been done for us to keep the revenue office in Lake City. Judge Dale Haas and Clerk Lesia Couch were willing to give up their court house space in order for us to have the revenue office here. It was a sacrifice on their part so that the people of the eastern district don't have to drive into Jonesboro to take care of their business."

"All our needs have been met here," Ladd said. "This is a smaller office than we had before, but more convenient for the people to transact business in the court house."

The Lake City revenue office was slated for closing earlier this year. Judge Haas met with Richad Weiss and Preston Means at the State office about what could be done to keep the facility open. Haas, Senator Jerry Bookout, and eastern district mayors met with Governor Mike Huckabee in Little Rock and discussed a comprimise to keep the Lake City facility open.

"The cutoff point for closing a revenue office was 10,500 customers per year," Haas said. "The Lake City facility serviced 10,300 in 2002 and had already serviced over the limit for 2003. We told the governor that we were willing to work out someting to keep the Lake City office open. An agreement was struck for the county to pay $11,240 toward the year's expenses with the state paying $4,440. We also agreed to provide an office, pay rent, gas, electricity, and telephone line. The arrangements were made, much to the benefit of all concerned, especially the customers who use the Lake City office."

The revenue office handles drivers license, revenue stamps, title and registrations, drive out tags. motor cycle, boats and trailors tags, and handicapped registration forms.

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