Work to begin on Monette water project

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

A special preconstruction conference was held at Monette City Hall to begin the city's water project, involving construction of a new water tank and updating their present water line system.

A bid to construct a new water tank was accepted from Phoenix Fabricators and Erectors in October for $418,894, and a bid to lay water lines and do other improvements was approved from Crittco Construction for $98,728. Hale and Rothgerber signed their contracts following the meeting. Crittco plans to begin work on the project on Dec. 23, weather permitting.

Monette was awarded an Arkansas Rural Development grant earlier this year, and local development specialist, Rickey L. Carter, was on hand to review project procedures and guidelines for use of the grant.

Carter expressed concerns about lack of completion of water line right-of-ways.

"If we do not get water line right-of-ways, it is a little late to start condemnation orders," said Carter. "This is something that can be done, but it will take time. We can start on the north side now and work back. We can change plans if we have to."

Official representatives for the City of Monette, Miller Newell Engineers, Contractors Crittco, Inc. and Phoenix Fabricators and Rural Utilities Service (RUS) were named. Project completion time for the water lines is 120 days, with tank set at 240 days. RUS contact persons will include Carter as project specialist, Linda Wilson as technician, and Lauren Chambers as engineer.

Carter presented Monette Mayor David Fletcher and City Clerk/treasurer Vickki Carroll a check for $50,000 loan money to begin the project.

Those in attendance at the preconstruction conference included Mayor Fletcher; Rob Hale, contractor, with Crittco Inc.; David Rothgerber, with Phoenix Fabricators; Rick Carter, Arkansas Rural Development specialist; Tom Carroll, Monette alderman; Curt Huckaby, Monette city attorney; Brenda Milligan, Huckaby's Secretary; Wayne Menley, with Miller Newell Engineers, and Vickki Carroll.

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