Manila sportsman wins world championship

Thursday, November 6, 2003

Larry Browning of Manila won the 2003 Red Head Bass Pro Shop 3-D Pop-Up World Championship for his archery skills. The tournament was held in Springfield, Mo. Browning was shooting with a traditional great Plaines Recurve bow.

Browning has competed in the 3-D Pop-Up World Championship three years, winning runner-up last year.

The tournament is a four day event with two days used for practice rounds. The qualifying rounds are held on Saturday with the top eight advancing to the finals.

Browning explained that the 3-D targets of deer, bear, or hogs pop up and contestants have eight seconds to make the shot off a deer stand. In the finals, the eighth place goes against the first place and seventh against the second place, etc. for the elimination rounds. When the participants tie, the targets pop up faster until the tie is broken.

Browning said he had to shoot a tie breaker with every round this year.

Browning has the advantage when the pressure goes up in the fact that he does not get nervous.

"I enjoy it and do it for fun. When I'm having fun, I shoot better. This year we had probably 200-300 spectators attending," Browning said.

Browning has bow hunted for over 20 years but started shooting in competition about four years ago. He and has family lived in Clinton and he said the sport is very popular in that area.

It is a family sport. His daughter, 13-year-old Amy, also competes and has won several tournaments. His son, Jeremy also competes, but due to work he has not had time lately. Browning's wife, Vicki, does not compete but enjoys attending the tournaments and watching her family compete.

Amy agrees that she shoots for fun and enjoys competition.

Earlier in the year, Browning won the National Tournament at Whitman.

"There were some very good shooters in the tournament. The runner-up this year has won at least 70 championships," Browning said.

Browning participates in 20 or 25 tournaments a year. Some are club championships, but he enjoys all of them.

Browning would like to see more people in this area get involved in the sport.

"It can be a great family activity. You meet a lot of great people and there is a tournament somewhere every weekend," he said.

The closest tournaments are held in Jonesboro, Paragould, Bald Knob, Conway, or Whitman.

Browning and his daughter have competed throughout this area and as far away as Baton Rouge, La.

Browning said if it is possible, he plans to attend the 2004 Red Head 3-D world competition.

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