Lake City Council places yard sale restrictions

Thursday, October 30, 2003

The Lake City city council worked through a busy agenda consisting of ordinance variance requests, raises and hiring of a new policeman at the regular council meeting Monday, Oct. 20.

After a brief discussion, the council approved an ordinance variance for Bryan Smith, who requested an extra two foot allowance for a carport being built on his property. Smith presented signatures from neighbors to the two foot variance.

"We have allowed several carports to be built with a 7 1/2 foot variance, not taking into consideration that their roof overhang came out another two feet or so," said Lake City Mayor Jerry Bowman. "Since we have not insisted homeowners measure from their roof line to the boundary, then I don't see how we could deny Bryan to go ahead and use the extra two feet. We need to come to some firm rules on measuring to comply with the ordinance, after this, to make sure we be consistent."

The council tabled another request for a variance from Mach Burnside on concrete footing measurements required to place a mobile home on a city lot. Burnside requested that the concrete footing be 24x24x8 inches rather than 36x36x12 as currently required, due to changes in a new state ruling.

"The state now requires a minimum of 16x16 inches square and four inches deep, as of Oct. 1, 2003," Burnside said. "Concrete is so expensive, and we have to put footings for piers, every eight feet on both sides of the trailer."

"We have made everyone else in the city use the current ordinance requirements," said alderman Randy Blancett. "It would not be fair to allow you to use less. We need to look at the state requirements and make a city decision on this, that is fair to everyone, from now on."

The council tabled a decision until the November meeting, to give them time to review the new state requirements.

The council passed Ordinance 200-03 on the second, third and final readings. The ordinance places restrictions on yard sales. The ordinance limits yard sales to three per year. Two consecutive days of a yard sale will constitute one yard sale.

City Clerk Diane Crews clarified the difference between yard sales and flea market sales.

"Sales of this sort on the highway are considered flea markets, and they do not sell household items," Crews said. "They need a privilege license to operate the flea market."

The council declared an emergency and placed Ordinance 202-03 on its third and final reading, to approve the city Firemen's Pension Relief Fund being turned over to the state for management and disbursements.

The council approved Resolution 1003 setting millage rates at 1.6 for real estate and 1.6 for personal property.

The council approved a grant resolution to apply for $30,000 in funding from Trails for Life, from the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, to build a walking track. The city will work jointly with the Riverside School District to secure the 100 percent grant for placement of the track on the school property.

After a lengthy executive session, the council emerged to hire Dennis Heiser of Manila as a new policeman, replacing David Chadwick. Heiser is a certified officer and salary was set at $23,000.

The council voted to purchase a new police car, to replace the current one which has 100,000 miles and is out of warranty.

The council approved across the board raises of three percent for all except two employees, and give Frankie Maynard a 50 cent raise per hour, and Connie Timms a five percent raise.

"We felt this was necessary to try to bring these two employees in line with what they others are making," Bowman said.

Year end bonuses were set at $350 each for all employees.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 17 at city hall.

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