Manila City council reviews street paving needs

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Manila City Council members met Monday night, Sept. 15, working through several items on the agenda including street paving, swimming pool grant application, setting millage rate, and budget review.

All council members, Dean Cherry, Tony Hawkins, Dwight Booth, Gaylon Gammill, Linda Donovan and Larry "Whiz" Davis were present along with city attorney Wayne Wagner and city clerk Susie Parker.

Mayor Clifford Veach reviewed the budget report with council members commenting that, "all and in all things are well in hand."

Veach updated the council on the grant application for a public swimming pool.

"I delivered the grant application to Little Rock last week. We have received information that it is being reviewed. I have written letters to Senator Steve Bryles and Representative Marvin Childers explaining what we are wanting to do and asking for their support. We just have to make sure we don't leave out anything that needs to be done. So far we have done everything we have been asked to do. If we are considered, I will have to go down there again. I don't see a reason that we should not be considered," Veach said.

Veach said he sent a history of the old pool with all expenses involved.

Veach said a swimming pool would be good for Manila and all of the surrounding towns.

Veach and Councilman Hawkins looked at several areas and presented their paving recommendations to the council including adding 200 feet at Gamble's Subdivision; 650 feet at Brewer Subdivision; 270 feet at Wagner Subdivision; 525 feet at Sandusky Subdivision; and 400 feet for building at Donnie Wagner's property; repairs on Vassar Street where a new sewer system was put in; and two culverts that need wings. Veach said it looked as if it would take 500 to 550 tons of asphalt.

Veach also asked the council if they knew of any other areas to be considered. The council knew of no other areas.

Council voted to allow the city to advertise for bids for the laying of asphalt per ton and the pick-up price per ton.

Veach updated the council on the pending county lawsuit over the jail fees.

"Wayne (city attorney) and I have been notified that there will be a hearing Nov. 6. There will probably be no testimony at that time but I am planning on being there," Veach said.

The council voted unanimously to leave the millage rate the same as last year with 3.6 mills for maintenance and operation and .4 for firemen for a total of 4.0 mills.

Veach informed the council that they had been notified Thursday that auditors would be in Manila taking the 2002 audit.

"I'm glad to have them here this early. That will give us an exit conference for 2002 before Christmas. I don't like to get behind," Veach said.

Veach informed the council that Dan Gamble had purchased property west of Towell Auto Sales that goes to the Teal Pointe Road. He plans to develop it commercially. Plans are to put in a boat storage facility on the back of the property and a commercial building for lease on the front.

"He does things first class," Veach said. "It is not anything that we have to act on, but I think it is nice of him to show us what he is planning to do. I think it will be an attractive commercial property."

Bobby Walton addressed the council asking for a zoning variance on property he owns on Highway 18. He wants to add a 16x10 foot office on the property for his car dealership and his wife wants to put antique furniture in the house.

"All of you know how I run my business. I don't have a lot of cars around. I need the office space," Walton said.

"I think Mr. Walton has a good reputation," Veach said.

The council agreed unanimously to allow Walton the variance as long as he had a business on the property. If he ceases to do business there, the property would go back to residential property.

The Manila City Council meets at 6:30 p.m. the third Monday night of each month.

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