Buffalo Island Central Board updated on test results

Friday, September 19, 2003

Buffalo Island Central School Board members met Monday hearing reports from building principals on enrollments, curriculum changes and the districts overall SAT 9 and ACT test results.

Doris Willyerd, district test coordinator, presented current testing results for the SAT 9, Benchmark and ACT examinations. A review of the ACT Scores for the years 1997-2003, shows the BIC District scored above the state and national average every year.

Building principals, Mari Hayden, east elementary; Kima Stewart, west elementary, Randy Rose, junior high; and Homer Craig, high school, gave reports on enrollments, staffing, curriculum changes and other items of interest.

Stewart reported that the west elementary had a total attendance of 221 in kindergarten through the sixth grade. Breakdown for grades are: kindergarten-36; first grade 46; second grade 28; third grade 27; fourth grade 31; fifth grade 25 and sixth grade 28. Stewart said they are focusing on test scores and strategies for maintaining and improving.

Hayden reported the enrollment at east elementary for kindergarten through sixth grade at 222. Grade numbers are: kindergarten 33; first grade 39; second grade 28; third grade 25; fourth grade 39; fifth grade 25 and sixth grade 33.

Junior High enrollment for the school year is 195 with 71 seventh grade students, 64 eighth grade students and 60 ninth grade students.

The high school enrollment for grades 10-12 are 167.

The board voted to approve six weeks family medical leave for Holly Kaufman and 12 weeks maternity leave for Leah Gathright.

The board discussed current interest rates for school money on deposit. Superintendent George Edd Holland was asked to seek bids from surrounding institutions to be presented at the October board meeting.

The board voted 7-0 to hire Nancy Spencer as special Needs Assistant for the junior high.

The board voted to approve the Parent Involvement Policy.

Board members discussed the districts' chemical screening policy. The volunteer student testing policy does not currently contain a provision for all students driving vehicles to school. The point will be considered at the October meeting after information from surrounding schools and legal counsel is obtained.

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