Manila principals give building reports

Friday, September 19, 2003

Manila principals, Diane Baugher, lower elementary; Pam Caster, elementary; Diane Wagner, junior high; and Pam Chipman, high school, updated board members on enrollment, test scores and gave an overall view of the beginning school year at the regular Manila School Board meeting Sept. 8.

The elementary enrollment as of Sept. 3 was 527 with 80 students in kindergarten and first grade, 66 in second grade, 68 in third grade, 66 in fourth grade, 81 in fifth grade and 86 in sixth grade. The junior high enrollment, seventh and eighth grade, has a total of 173 with 84 in seventh grade and 89 in the eighth grade. The high school enrollment has a total of 303 with 84 students in the ninth grade, 73 students in the 10th grade, 66 students in the 11th grade and 80 in the 12th grade.

Caster gave a report on the testing and adequacy yearly progress required by school districts.

"So far we are doing well. Our status has not put us on any list," Caster said.

Wagner said the school year was off to a good start in the junior high.

"We have 22 special education slots at this time. No teacher has over 150 students a day," Wagner said. "We only have one hot spot and that is in pre-algebra. It is an elected class and it should take care of itself by Oct. 1."

Wagner went on to explain the testing and how the district's average is calculated.

"We're moving in the right direction," she said. "Even with the changes and combined scores, we still made improvements. We are proud of the test scores and are moving upward. Right now we are in a state of interpretation on everything."

Chipman gave the enrollment report for high school and the scheduling. She said there had been some scheduling problems before school started but it had been worked out.

"High school is in compliance with each class. No class has over 30 pupils and no teacher has over 150 students a day. Some classes are at maximum and our counselor is aware of this and will not add any more students to these classes. Special education is the only problem we have with numbers," Chipman said.

Chipman presented a list of seven new laws that effect K-12 and how the school

has acted on them. She said that in the Parental Involvement Plan, the district had initiated the plan by sending parent involvement brochures, adding a parent center K-12, which is located in the lower elementary building.

"We have added actions to our ASCIP plan that promote parent involvement such as parents serving on advisory committees and providing parents with a calendar of events, tests, and progress reports," she said.

She went on to say that a plan in the event of terrorist attacks has been added to the Crisis Response Booklet. Letters have been sent out to parents with documentation of who their child is allowed to ride home with in the event of an emergency. A list of classes that are required to be taught by the district has been sent to parents of students in the 9-12 grades. Students are given the opportunity to say the Pledge of Allegiance each morning. Physical education is being offered for eighth grade. The board has adopted an anti-bullying plan for the school system. Teachers have been made aware that they must have parental consent to administer surveys or questionnaires to students.

Superintendent Charolette Wagner noted that the financial records were not in the packets mailed last month or this month ahead of time, but they were ready at the meetings.

"We did not get the disc from the bank until after the packets were sent out. Diane (Diane Sparks, bookkeeper) put in extra time getting the financial reports ready in time for the meeting and I want her to get credit for the work she did," Wagner said.

Wagner pointed out that the district had $225,000 more than the same time last year.

"With the certificate of deposit we have $3,336,746," Wagner said.

Board member Jackie Hill commented that it might be a good idea to place surveillance cameras to be used after hours in the computer lab.

The high school was burglarized two weeks before school started this year. Computers, scanners and equipment amounting to approximately $10,000 were stolen from the high school business education room.

Wagner said the insurance company had suggested putting in an alarm system that would immediately alert the police department.

Mrs. Wagner gave an estimate on the cost to repair a van that had been in an accident with a school vehicle driven by Fred Sammons. She said the cost of repair is more than the Blue Book value of the van.

Board member Hill made a motion to pay $1,950 for the van with releases of any liability to the school. The motion carried unanimously.

In other action:

*The board passed the proposed budget.

*Following a short executive session, the board voted 7-0 to hire Ty Presson as custodian. They voted to have Loresa Vasquez, elementary aide, serve as assistant softball coach with a $1,000 a year stipend.

*There was no objection to the booster club selling season basketball tickets at $25 for individuals and $75 for a family.

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