Rebecca Mitchell is a Pepsi fan

Thursday, July 31, 2003
Rebecca Mitchell receives gift from her favorite soft drink company Pepsi-Cola. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

Rebecca Mitchell may be the oldest Pepsi fan around at 103. Mitchell, a Monette Nursing Home resident, still enjoys her Pepsi-Cola on a daily basis and has for as far back as she can remember.

She wheels her chair through the halls of the Monette Nursing Center singing the Pepsi-Cola jingle "Pepsi-Cola hits the spot, 12 full ounces, that's a lot."

She has at least one every day and shares with the nurses and staff that "Pepsi cures what aile's you."

Recently Connie Atchison, a nurse at Monette Manor, wrote to Pepsi-Cola Company in New York informing them about Mrs. Mitchell's love of Pepsi and that she might be one of their oldest Pepsi fans.

Atchison said Mrs. Mitchell received a letter from Janet Best with Pepsi Consumer Relations thanking her for her long-time support and being a faithful customer. They also sent Mrs. Mitchell a Pepsi hat, shirt, a deck of Pepsi cards and two cases of canned Pepsi-Cola.

Mrs. Mitchell is formerly of Blytheville and has lived at Monette for two years. Her family comes every week to visit her.

Mrs. Mitchell said she can't remember how much the first Pepsi that she enjoyed cost but it has been her favorite drink since.

Actually, Pepsi-Cola is only a little older than Mrs. Mitchell. It was first invented in New Bern, N.C. by Calib Bradham in his pharmacy in 1898. When Mrs. Mitchell was two years old in 1902, the demand for Bradham's drink was in demand and corporate papers were filed that year.

She was not sure how young she was when she had her first Pepsi, but she is still enjoying her favorite soft drink at 103.

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